‘Mom of the Year’: Baltimore Woman Praised for Smacking Rioting Son

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BALTIMORE, Maryland -- A woman in Baltimore is being praised for what she did after she spotted her son taking part in the rioting in the streets of Baltimore.

A WMAR news photographer videotaped her berating her son for taking part in the violence.

Credit: WMAR

The woman can be seen repeatedly slapping her son and yelling at him. The woman was reportedly watching TV when she saw her son throwing rocks at police.

The woman got the attention of Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Watts.

"If you saw on one scene, you had one mother who grabbed her child who had a hood on his head and she started smacking him on the head because she was so embarrassed," Watts said. "I wish I had more parents that took charge of their kids out there tonight."

Fox News contributor Charles Payne called the woman "Mom of the year" in a tweet. It was retweeted dozens of times and favorited by more than 100 people.


  • popcorn anyone?

    I love this mom. I had a mom just like her. Mom would drive past friends houses looking to see if me and my bicycle was where I said I was going to be. Mom had no problem going full combat attack on anything she gave birth to. Ive cleared 50 years old, and have NEVER been arrested. Ive even got ticket free accident free lic/insurance. Thanks mom,I appreciate you more now, and I hope this young man realizes the good mom he has. Life offers no do overs.

  • Tommie

    I love this mom. I hope the boy understands why she came for him. He put himself in a very dangerous situation. He is young and needs guidance. That’s what his mom gave him. I hope he appreciates the love she showed.

  • No News Here

    I commend her for intervening, but save the “mother of the year” nonsense. If she had truly done a good job of raising her son by instilling respect, character, morals, and proper values, he never would have been out there in the first place.

  • NoHillary2016

    The worst part about all this is her son hasn’t any knowledge the reason he is even out on the street rioting other then all the other jungle bunnies are in hopes of being able to rob and loot , probably beating her sone because he took the ebt card she needed to trade for h e r o I n

  • claudia

    Hurrah and kudos for this Mom. I was raised in the 40-50’s. A well-deserved smack or spanking was the norm. Since then it was thought to be wrong, but look at the behavior of children. She took control of the situation and I hope her son knows what a wise and wonderful Mother he is blessed with.

  • Maria

    Bravo mother!!!! you teach me a lesson as a mother of a teenager boy. After I saw you Iusing your mother authority full of truly love trying to separate your boy of the wrong way I promises myself to be more alert and active in anything my boy is doing wrong. Many times I let things pass without my intervention . No more, I want to be like you, fight for the good future of my son!!!!
    Thank you mother!!!!!

    • Valfreyja

      Nothing like chastising your child for demonstrating against a murderous brutish police state. That’s the trouble with fascism: It begins in the home, not the government. It takes root with the publics’ permission, historically with their cheers.

    • sylvie

      Sweetie,do you. Know. what. uncle. tom. stands. for. stop looking. For. handout. and start. dealing with a hand. up. because. you don’t have any. you. have the right. to take. what. other. work. that. problem. now. we need. teach our. children
      to be. Respectful and Responsibilities

  • guest

    Bravo, Mom! My parents would have done the same thing to me and my siblings, too. But then again, we were raised to respect the rule of law and the other law-abiding citizens in our communities. Even if we felt we were treated unjustly, we were taught that there are appropriate methods to send our message without stupidly destroying our town or risking harm to our neighbors.

  • Barry Baago

    How encouraging to view a Mother caring about her child’s welfare and taking action
    We live in Canada just cannot relate to burning pharmacies & senior citizens lodgings?!?
    The circumstances are so sad but the end result last night was horrific
    Some comments below are disturbing and heartbreaking and give light to how we all arrived to this day
    Shame shame

    • Valfreyja

      When unarmed Canadians are slaughtered every other week by a militarized police force more intent on being fat and lazy than doing actual work, you may have a different opinion. Until then feel free to be quiet. This is US business. Go complain about your maple syrup shortages.

      • Tommie

        U.S. news is international news. When the United States is literally burning the world watches and sometimes has an opinion. The United States rarely exercises it’s right to be quiet on issues all around the world. Let the Canadian speak.

  • former resident

    If a parent does not intervene and teach the kid they could become the next victim of police hostility. Raise a child to obey and respect so they can stay safe and out of harms way. Far too few parents of any color do this. They let the kid get away with stuff our parents would not have. This is especially important if there is no dad in the home. Remember you reap what you sow. Mom is just tending to her garden. Good for her.

  • JED

    Way to go Mom, it doesn’t matter how old they are or how big they are if they’re doing something so stupid that mnay even endanger themselves or others and isn’t the right way to respond to a situation then take them in hand!

  • Walter White

    How many of you people praising this woman would see her in Walmart and automatically assume: she’s on welfare, she drives an Escalade, she has an Obamaphone, and she buys steak and lobster with her food stamps?

    • Mogurt


      I am note sure why you would ask such a question. Not everyone wondering around is looking at people and determining, based color, they are on welfare. That to me is absolutely ridiculous. I am from Illinois, but since living in PA I can tell you white people abuse the system as much as anyone else. Spend a little more time educating that narrow mind.

  • Riley

    Well I feel as if she needed to do that! Her behavior is far less than what she caught her son doing. Apparently he didn’t get enough smacks in the head!

  • Jeffrey V Jacobsen

    Protesting for a cause is one thing. Rioting is where the fine line is crossed and creates the negative stigmas which attach themselves to activism. Though I feel she was correct in telling her son how she felt and that he needed to stop, slapping him repeatedly is not a sound solution to getting her message across. How would I handle it if it were my kids? I don’t know. The humility and shock it obviously creates effects everyone differently and maintaining composure can be extremely difficult. Everyone is different, but we’re all in this crazy thing called life together. Hope for a better tomorrow. to change everything, start anywhere. tochangeeverything.com. May peace and unison find you and yours before it’s too late.

    • tiredofdysfunction

      I would at best dragged him away, at worst slapped him AND dragged him away, whatever works. Why coddle such obviously deviant behavior?!

      • Jeffrey V Jacobsen

        Dragging him away may be the only way to get his attention. But hitting a child only teaches them that violence and authority over others might be the only way to get the things we want in life. No one is the perfect parent.

    • Jeffrey V Jacobsen

      Once again the logic and reason of reality is trumped by thy rod and thy staff. Thanks christianity. <-That was sarcasm from an anarchist and an agnostic. Let the witch burning begin.

    • Valfreyja

      Peace: You cannot reason with a bully, all they understand is force. People HAVE been peaceably protesting the brutal police state that has been killing unarmed people every few weeks nationwide. You probably didn’t even hear about the multicity protests did you?

      But you heard about this.

      It’s completely messed up, no argument. But doing nothing is not an option when cops are street judges who are allowed to murder you because they’re too fat to do actual police work. Congress needs to act to demilitarize the police and set new nationwide standards to rout out the exceptionally low quality people who are creating this systemic problem all over the US. Perhaps now that Baltimore has tasted fire our lazy congress will see class warfare is not acceptable. I don’t condone it, but I don’t condemn it either. The state has reaped the violence it has sewn and I’ll turn a just blind eye to it until the state corrects its own problems.

  • Perplexed

    Strange that the offspring of someone who reacts with such violence was participating in such a violent undertaking to begin with…mother of the year, sure.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I praise this woman. However, I’m afraid that once this video is seen by C&Y services, the mother will be arrested as the kid will be sent to foster care. PC world, PC results.

    • Walter White

      If she raised her kid right in the first place, she wouldn’t have had to go get him off the streets.

      • Chelly

        Sometimes you can’t help where you have to live based on economics. And some areas it’s hard to keep even good kids away from violence and the “wrong” people. This mom still did what she could. Ever think he had the hood up because he didn’t want her to see it was him. I still praise her for doing what she could to get him to stop. Even the best parents can have kids who go wrong, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, illegal activity. Being a good parent doesn’t make you immune from your child having free will.

      • SS

        You know how teenagers get when they bond together with peer pressure. This was a high school that decided to riot by forming plans over social media. It had nothing to do with her and the living situation. It had her kid being a sheeple. I want to give her a medal!

      • Lisa Grant

        Its not that she didn’t raise her kid right. Its that she is still raising her kid. The job of a True Parent is that their work is Never Done. I’m over 30 and my dad still get’s in my buisness.

      • tiredofdysfunction

        Yeah ok walter, you’re ignorance is showing. You NEVER did anything stupid in your life right? Yeah right. Most kids even when raised right will do something stupid one time or another especially when they get together with a bunch of friends who weren’t raised right!

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