Violence at Stroud Mall Concerns Shoppers

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Stroud Area Regional Police said once again, there has been bloodshed outside Stroud Mall in Monroe County.

They said Saturday night, after an argument, a male was stabbed twice outside the mall.

Investigators are searching for a group of young men in connection with the attack.

"I think that's really sad and how people are these days like violence is not the answer. Especially a stabbing," said Dana Russell of Kunkletown.

On Easter Sunday, a woman was attacked outside the mall after a movie.

She said she asked some teens to quiet down during the movie and later, she and a female relative were attacked in the parking lot.

The search continues for her attackers.

"In my opinion, it's a good mall and certain things happen every now and then, but that's anywhere you go. In an area like this where it's more family oriented, things like that shouldn't be happening," said one shopper.

Almost everyone Newswatch 16 spoke with had the same reaction to violence at the mall: get more security.

"It's a nice mall. It's just horrible what's going on. They should definitely have more security and more, you know, cops or something around here to start monitoring everybody 'cause it's not fair that you can't even go out anymore to anywhere," said Kimberly Sawicz of Kunkletown.


  • I don't like Dope Heads!

    I do love when I hear of a drug deal gone bad and they kill each other!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim

    Look at the 18-30 age range in Monroe County. Most of them don’t work. Most of them sit around and use drugs all day. Mommy and Daddy moved here from NYC/NJ and they brought their worthless kids with them.

  • Me

    It’s turning into a “hazleton”

    If that’s the case, sell your house and get the hell outta there !!
    It’s only going to get worse,….trust me. Don’t believe me, drive through hazleton. Hazleton LOST the fight to thugs, drugs, and “immigration”.
    Now,…it’s a cess pool for the heroin junkies. Robberies and home invasions during the day. Drive by shootings. Muggings. Bank robberies. We got all the “John Wayne’s ” here….

  • Captain Whosano O'Lama see you in twilight zone

    Personally i fear to shop the stores anymore.
    This is not a political problem but a society problem,
    i refuse to be ridiculed by so called humans because i am a descendant
    of those who fought in the civil war…. i buy online.

      • No name calling??

        This better?, “What else do you expect from that liquid which seeps from the hole in the bottom of a trash dumpster which sits in the hot sun all day?” We will continue to move farther and farther from the stench knowing we will never be able to clean it up. Too many laws keep us from patching the hole ourselves and bleaching the stench away…

  • Valfreyja

    “Violence is not the answer”

    Do you people realize that probably just short of ALL of these violence crimes are drug related? Someone didn’t pay their distributor. Someone didn’t pay their dealer. Someone double crossed someone else. These people aren’t going to listen to you parrot “violence isn’t the answer”, pop a mentos and shrugs their shoulders with a sheepish grin.

    • Vainglorious Popinjay

      You watch too much television. There are certain “communities” that are prone to constant short-fused violence, and more often than not, it is because somebody said the wrong words. Certain people have poor impulse control, and there are thousands upon thousands of videos that prove it.

      • tiredofdysfunction

        You’re both right, but Valfreyja not in the way you think. VainGlo, you hit the nail on the head with the impulse control issue, sad thing is, it got worse AFTER the started to give legal speed to kids who are growing up as addicts. Couple that with their parents being told their kids’ behavior is a disease, (hence they aren’t held accountable for said behavior), and then you got young people doing stupid stuff all over creation. I had friends and family who wanted to move to this area in the 80’s and I was like no, waste of time and money because in 20 yrs it will be just like Staten Island, save cheaper living.

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