Rough Roads Need Repair in Rice Township

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RICE TOWNSHIP -- Officials in the Mountain Top area of Luzerne County say they are surprised about what a road survey in one township has revealed.

The survey says 15 of Rice Township's roads are in need of major repair, to the tune of $1 million--double the township's budget.

"It looks like we have close to a million dollars worth of repairs that need to be done on 15 major roads," said Rice Township Secretary Alicia Stier.

The report was done for Rice Township by Penn Eastern Engineers. The results have been put into a 5-year plan for repairing township roads. That plan includes about $30,000 to repair cracks on Aleksander Boulevard, more than $100,000 to repave parts of Henry Drive, and nearly a quarter of a million dollars to repair Laurel Drive, where parts of the road have deteriorated from pavement to almost gravel.

"Well, that's a lot of money for the taxpayers! You know to taxing them I think, you know," said Fred Stein of Rice Township.

The path to fixing the roads in Rice Township is going to be challenging because officials say they just don't have the money. Right now, they are budgeted for $500,000 over the next five years. That's half of what's needed.

"We never want to raise taxes. We have a really good track record there. We would like to do the best by all the residents in the township without raising taxes," Stier said.

Officials say to bridge the money gap in repairing these township roads they are looking to apply for state and federal grant money.

"That's what they should do. There's enough money around the country. They can help us out, ya know," Stein said.

Township officials say they will welcome residents' input on which roads should be worked on first and where the money should come from at a meeting on may 5 at 6:30 p.m.


  • mountaintop mom

    Instead of giving the road dept and part time secretary a 10% raise this year, they should have put some of that money toward the roads. Who runs the show there? The secretary or a roadmaster? do they have one of them or is it just a guy who collects another $200 a month not doing anything.

  • Walter White

    “That’s what they should do. There’s enough money around the country. They can help us out, ya know.”

    Someone from ultra-conservative Mountain Top asking for a government bail-out? What a hoot!!!

  • Me

    No. Pennsylvania needs repair.

    From the local deli meat slicer ,….all the way to the governor.
    Take back your state people. Thieves and bullies are taking your every last dollar !!! They want it ALL !!!!

  • Donna Lynn-Roberts

    That’s ridiculous. When the Mohegan Sun was built, it was CLAIMED that the revenue from the Casino would benefit the tax payers, and the County. Now Rice Township states that it’s going to cost $500,000.00 to repair roads. This County is corrupt it’s unbelievable. I would love to know where all that money is actually going, because it’s definitely not benefiting the tax payers, nor the County of Luzerne. Who is actually lining their pockets with all that money.

  • keith hinkel

    I am sure this pic is typical of roads thruout the state. No jobs, Chinese imports equals no tax base to fix roads. Be worse until jobs return and Congress paid by rich is replaced in 2016!

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