Locals Warned About Synthetic Pot Overdoses

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY---Officials are warning about a spike in synthetic marijuana overdoses in Eastern Pennsylvania.

"Users of these substances are really playing russian roulette. You use this junk only if you want to end up in the ER of in a coffin.," said Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico.

Synthetic marijuana is suspected in at least eight deaths in the state, from brands including one known as "Mr. Big Shot. "

The result officials said is heart and brain problems, seizures, muscle breakdowns, and in some cases, becoming unresponsive.

Newswatch 16 spoke with a man from Scranton who has used synthetic pot a dozen times or so.

He did not want to reveal his name.

"It makes you really anxious, really paranoid. It kind of clouds your perception in the way things are. It burns your chest, kind of feels like it's caving in, like it's on fire, like you're inhaling chemicals. It doesn't feel good," he said.

Synthetic pot has been around for years, it is made by spraying chemicals on plant materials. And it goes by many names, like "K2" and "Spice."

Scranton's police chief said as far as he knows, there has not been a synthetic pot overdose increase lately.

Hazleton's police chief says he has not sure if there's been a spike there either as it is also known, has been a problem for a long time.

Last week, he says a 19-year-old female overdosed and acted as if on a bad acid trip, trying to rip her own skin off.

"They are coming in acutely delirious. They are agitated. They're exhibiting remarkable strength that's requiring three, four, five people to hold them down so we can get them sedated," said Dr. Robert Tomsho from Allentown's Sacred Heart Hospital.


  • dicky

    This is what happens when stupid humans alter or replicate an organic plant derived from mother earth. Then idiots blame marijuana for the troubles of society. Remember, folks, the C.I.A. controls all illicit drugs and Wall Street launders the proceeds. Too much $ involved to ever see a decrease.

  • Scoobysnackz

    Haha mr big shot more like mr no shot. Kids can buy this stuff on the Internet by the pounds. Maybe the DEA can get to work on some dangerous drugs the prohibition of marijuana created.

  • tiredofdysfunction

    Gotta cut to the chase, get to the source of who’s doling this garbage and hang ’em out to dry. Enough is enough already with these dirt-bag dealers!

  • Captain Whosano O'Lama

    All this stuff was banned by our forefathers for a darn good reason.
    Syn-pot can be blended in the real pot legal or not legal, stay away
    from drugs don’t resist arrest and live longer and healthier.
    Also all government employees need to be drug tested.

    • poonus

      banned by our forefathers? what? read a book- ben franklin smoked real pot. things that are banned like alcohol had amendments to make that happen (and that was repealed making drinking legal again)- um…there is no amendment banning drugs. but sure all government employees are drug tested, however the guys getting welfare are not.

      • Captain Whosano O'Lama

        Yes it was legal back then and lessons were learned. Plus i know after a good nights drinking the
        dopers go out and smoke up a night cap. That is when the blunts begin and gun play begins.
        Don’t tell me these ReefHeads dont drink because i know for a fact thats all they do then they buzz out. I’d rather a drunk driver on the road over a stoned drunk any night of the week.

    • BlueSkies

      You’re that crazy uncle at Thanksgiving dinner that everyone talks about. Now hush before you embarrass yourself further.


        MY COMMENT IS FOR …..Captain Whosano O’Lama……THAT MAN IS AN IDIOT.

  • king ruddy

    Why not a authoritative figure explicitly demonstrate usage amounts ,seems to be ongoing!Overdosing concomitant to no usage instructions, idiosyncrasy of 1993.The backbone tenacity makes no excuse for assistance . The abundance of employment opportunities out weighs idiocracy if idiocy would have not taken place. Rehabilitation is part idiocy ,designed to create professional careers among users.

  • Timothy Tingley

    This is just like when people would make unsafe home brews during alcohol prohibition, I’ve said for years that they are going to need special nursing home for these kids smoking these research chemicals sprayed on potpourri. Real marijuana has never caused a single death, because it is not toxic, alcohol is…

  • Cold Logic

    This drug continually gets referred to as synthetic pot because of its visual similarity to the plant material that is marijuana, and it is generally consumed by smoking. That seems to be where the similarities end. If they are going to continue to call it synthetic pot, they should start calling anti-freeze Synthetic Kool-Aid, since it’s brightly colored and tastes sweet.

  • Swampdonkey

    Dope is dope don’t be a dope.There is more to life than sitting around on cyber spaced.
    Its the anti-social behavior drug stepping stone that will lead you into a world of nothing.
    I witnessed how this drug pulls people into its disgusting lifestyle.Besides smoking kills right ?
    Go now, and grow up.

  • Think Rationally

    I understand that many of you still feel that cannabis is just as dangerous as this junk. It’s not your fault, as this is the information that was given to you. You don’t owe anything to anyone else, but I do encourage everyone to find some time to look at some of the newer research regarding this. You might be surprised to see who actually supports changing the current laws. This is not just a burnout hippie loser issue anymore. Groups like Law Enforcement Against Prohibition(LEAP), and many others, have taken an honest look at what is happening, and they support more sane policies. They realize that what we’ve been doing is counterproductive. I, like many others, do not even touch the stuff, but we realize that we’re wasting time and money with the current system. Stubbornly holding on to the old info, rather than doing honest research, is hurting us.

    • CaptainTitus

      What scares me is i bet you’re a teacher.
      Teach needs to be screened.
      Put that in your pipe.

      • Think Rationally

        No, I’m not a teacher. Also, I don’t even touch cannabis, or any other drugs for that matter…aside from an occasional drink, once or twice a month. I’m just someone who has taken the time to take an honest look at both sides of the issue. We could be using our resources much more wisely, and the stubborn arguments that we use to continue this ridiculous pattern are unfounded. FOR EXAMPLE:You will often hear people say “I don’t want people driving all over the place, high on weed”. Well, think about that for just a minute. If people are going to do that, do you really think they wouldn’t ALREADY be doing that now? People all around us(from all walks of life), are already using cannabis on occasion, regardless of the legal status. That particular drug really does not cause us a lot of problems as a society. Like I said, we are wasting resources that could be used to tackle serious problems.

  • Think Rationally

    People would not be smoking this strange, man-made, chemical garbage if they had legal and reasonable access to the actual cannabis plant, which does not carry the same dangers. People are afraid of being labeled criminals.

    • Valfreyja

      Or maybe people should be concerned with something other than selfish brain chemistry manipulation for frivolity. Legal or not, pot heads are crappy people. You can’t get a doper off the couch for a reason beyond another pipe or a donut. Our state is falling apart! We lack educated residents. We have huge industrial concerns. It’s being used as a dump for out of state interests. We’re next on the list of probable man made Earthquakes thanks to fracking. The local economy is well below the nation averages, which aren’t so hot themselves.

      But no, what do dopers get motivated about? Selfish intoxication. You are the most hallowed out, worthless people I’ve ever come across, and you’ve done it to yourselves. It doesn’t matter that pot isn’t toxic. It’s ruined you viability as a person i society. That’s all that ever mattered! That’s all the really separates you from common yard skunks and roaches. Worthless.

      • Timothy Tingley

        People who attack other people because they make different lifestyle choices than them usually aren’t very happy or productive members of society. Using cannabis recreationally doesn’t change the content of somebody’s character. You post more negative, uninformed crap than anyone else on here.

      • Think Rationally

        Well, like I’ve already stated, I don’t even use cannabis…or any other drugs, aside from an occasional drink. I’m glad you’ve seen fit to label me as “selfish”, “worthless”, and “hallowed out”, among other things, without having any real reason to do so. Thanks for the civil discourse. It really does say a lot about YOU, YOUR arguments, and the type of person that YOU are. As for those lazy couch-bound people(which you assumed of me)…well, those types of people exist anyway…whether they use drugs or not. The reality is that there are people, from all across the socioeconomic spectrum, who ALREADY use cannabis. Many of these people are otherwise law abiding taxpayers, just like anyone else, but they may have a different preference for how they choose to relax after a long week of work. It is also a fact that these people rarely, if ever, cause you or I any trouble. The problem is you are picturing Sherman Hills, or some similar dump, when you think of someone who may use cannabis. That is not an accurate look at the wider picture. You see, those types of people will cause us trouble, regardless. Most of the people around us, who occasionally use cannabis, are just like you or I. We probably don’t even realize who does or doesn’t, because they mind their own business and don’t cause waves for anyone. Thanks for your kind words and assumptions about me. I hope you have a nice day.

      • hello

        People are going to be lazy no matter what. Like “think rationally” said, it’s just who they are already. I know 22 year olds who are sober living people, but just refuse to get a job or do a good job for that matter. I don’t use cannabis either, but I 100 % support it for being legalized. There are other uses for it (other than getting high) even with hemp alone. I don’t care if people smoke it, wear it, eat it. What you should be asking is “why did it become illegal in the first place?”. The problem isnt with the cannibas, it’s with citizens who are gullible and believed all the lies and continue to stand behind inaccurate information. I feel for yas, i really do.

      • socrates

        Valfreyja, you obviously know nothing about marijuana. Or fracking for that matter! We do lack educated residents, and voters. Scary! Thats why our area is in this condition. Try being informed instead of just opinionated! Please, do that before you vote.

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