Judge Approves Scranton Tax Hike Proposal

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SCRANTON -- It appears people who work in Scranton will likely see a tax increase.

On Thursday, a judge approved Scranton's request to triple the local services tax from $52 a year to $156 dollars a year, according to the city solicitor.

City officials went before a judge Wednesday asking for the increase.

Both residents and non-residents who work in the city pay the tax which helps cover the cost of police and fire coverage and other basic city services.

Scranton City Council still has to vote on the ordinance.

If it's passed, the solicitor said the increased tax could be collected in about two weeks.


  • brenda evanko

    until I move to S.C June 15. I will not spend any money for groceries or gas. i will go to a neighboring town. unbelievable. make a stand do noy buy anything in Scranton, then lets see how they scramble

  • Cooper

    Was there any thought that the Judge WOULDN’T approve it?? Collected in 2 Weeks time !! It’s amazing how fast Politicians/Government can work when the end result benefits THEM !

  • Sandy Schmidt

    What is the plan to fix the total mismagement of taxes to date? Scranton reflects the mess this entire country is in. Keep taking from the people who work the hardest, have the hardest time paying their own bills, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. You are tearing down the very fabric of this once great country. Maybe you should put all the welfare recipients to work, let them do something for the money they get for free. Then take the money saved from their labor and apply it to other government expenses that keep coming out of our pockets! Better yet, here’s an unrealistic concept…increase everyone’s pay as often as taxes are increased. Doesn’t make sense does it? Well neither does bleeding the people who support this country the most!

  • Mad In Hazleton

    Judge Approves Scranton Tax Hike Proposal…………………………..

    Funny liberals over spend, then screw the working man…businesses of Scranton, screw the city and move out of it….

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