‘An Allegation of Concern’ Raises Many Questions

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP -- "An allegation of concern involving an employee and a student."

That's pretty much all the information parents in the North Schuylkill School District know about an incident at the district near Ashland.

That message to parents was from school administrators in Schuylkill County, but it didn't have any details about what may have happened.

District officials said they found out about whatever happened between an employee and student late last week. The investigation is in now the hands of Butler Township Police.

Dr. Robert Ackell, the superintendent of the North Schuylkill School District said, "The students' safety and welfare is our top priority here at North Schuylkill."

We do know at the school district's board meeting last night, administrators approved the resignation of Melinda Trezise, an elementary school teacher. Her resignation is effective immediately, but officials will not say if she was the employee involved.

"My kindergartener has no idea what's going on and I was a little nervous at work," said Timothy Jackson of Frackville.

Many parents said that they do understand why more information wasn't released, but they also said they eventually want all the information and they want it soon.

"We don't have answers. The only answers we have is pretty much social media, which are all rumors," said Jackson.

That's what parents say makes it even worse, because they don't know how to talk to their kids about what's happening since the parent's don't know either. Instead, it's just a lot of hearsay.

"I've heard through the grapevine, this occurred, that occurred, but you can't say for sure," said Joseph Kessler of Girardville.

Even with all the questions, district officials still said they wanted to give what little information they had to the families.

"We wanted to be upfront with the community and even though they are only allegations, we thought it was the appropriate thing to do to get the word out there," said the superintendent.

No one has been charged with any crime at this time and Butler Township Police are still investigating what even happened.

However, there is another North Schuylkill school board meeting on May 20 at 7 p.m.


  • Truth seeker

    Board president Charles hepler is nothing more than another bloated corrupt pile of dog dung ! He’s a sneak ! Sniveling coward ! He needs to go immediately !!! May 19th vote OUT CHARLES HELPER FROM NORTH SCHUYLKILL SCHOOL
    DISTRICT he’s not the solution he’s a menace


    Answered prayers. This administration was brought in to continue the clean up of abusive, immoral, self-centered teachers who obviously feel they’re ENTITLED to their position and forget they are EMPLOYEES like all of us. This is like a drug deal gone bad. More corruption will be found. This is just the beginning. Mr. Roseberry & Dr. Ackell are doing an excellent job taking care of the ABUSE that goes on within that district. Aren’t you GLAD that this wasn’t swept under the rug like all past administration always did?!? Why was all of her social media taken down if there’s nothing to hide? It was only a matter of time. What sane school district employee “talks” to students through ANY social media? It is forbidden in many school districts and placed in board policy to have ANY contact with students through those means. Why did she resign? Let them fire you, if again, there’s nothing to hide. The truth, no matter how long it takes, will come out. God bless the teachers, coaches, personnel & any other EMPLOYEE who thinks they’ll get away with any past/present abuse to OUR children. Admin is on a mission. You don’t like them?! LEAVE!!!

    • ashlandman

      Dr. Ackell seems like a good guy. But i don’t think he knew what he was getting into in a school district this. This is his first job as a super. NS like many small coal region schools have a long history of scandals and problems involving teachers and school board members throughout the years. I hope they get to the bottom of this particular issue and resolve it. There is limited information out there and people are just making up what exactly went on here.

  • stategirl

    1 more month and my last child is out of there! I would have given the teacher the benefit of the doubt….but resigning is not a good sign.

  • ashlandman

    North Schuylkill was always considered a corrupt and strange district. This young super they hired is only 34 years old and has no idea what he got into and is in way over his head there. There has been plenty of controversy’s and infighting between factions in this district since the districts inception in the 1970s.

  • logical man

    but the report says social media are lies and rumors…..how does he know if hearsay is a rumor?

  • Crista

    I’m sorry but the teacher in question has a young family and I as well as numerous other parents find the hard to believe. Before you Say well if your child was in her class….he is and happens to be his favorite among many of his friends favorite teachers. I agree 100% that the school has gone down hill and is corrupt. I hope that this is proven false. Think back to a few yrs ago in another district close to here it was an attention seeking child who’s story fell apart. I’m sorry but this makes NO sense at all!

  • Marcy

    Steve and truth smith I can’t agree with you more. I’m sick of my tax dollars going to create positions for administrations old high school friends. The students are not first, the agenda is cushy jobs for the powers that be. It makes me sick that they close down our local schools and force our kids to go to this school. I know my kid would have been safe at Ringtown elementary. Now we worry every day.

  • Steve

    This school district is as corrupt as they get. Have your investigative reporter get into it. The superintendent creates jobs for his friends while they have a deficit. They have teachers and coaches accused of inappropriate relations with students. This is a corrupt school and it has been going downhill fast since the hiring of their new administration. Dirty politics, scandals and wasting of tax payers money. Give us a break.

  • Truth Smith (@TruthSmith110)

    North Schuylkill is being coy and vague for a number of reasons. First of all, if there were to be any further investigation into the nepotism, drama, and decision making in the administration, many would be shamed. For far too long, the environment at North Schuylkill has been poisonous and the wellbeing of the children has not been the primary aim. The primary aim is the tenure of the teachers and the comfort of those who are in power. Principal Ackell is not a well liked man among the staff and has been known to have a fairly surly disposition. Many people who have their jobs have their positions because people are children of previous employees. These employees are favored when it comes to promotions and they often have new positions magically appearing for them.

    The staff has been like an adult soap opera for quite some time, with single teachers coupling and uncoupling for a long time, and teachers gossiping and backbiting each other.

    Please look into this, WNEP. This school district needs a change and it needs it now.

    • ashlandman

      DR. Ackell is the super not principal. I agree he is too young and inexperienced to run a school district known for corruption and nepotism. I do not care if he has a doctorate in Education. It takes more than a piece of paper and doing some papers in grad school to run a circus filled school district like this.

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