Alleged Bra Theft Caught on Camera

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UPDATE: Wilkes-Barre Township police released surveillance video of the theft on April 21. The video shows two females police identify as suspects.

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- Police say thieves have hit the Victoria's Secret store at the Wyoming Valley Mall four times since the start of the year. The most recent theft happened Tuesday. Now police need help to find out who's responsible.

Police are investigating what could be a black market bra-looting operation happening at Victoria's Secret inside the Wyoming Valley Mall.

Most recently, police say a store employee reported someone stole 25 bras worth a total of almost $1,300. That works out to about $50 a bra.

"That's crazy! Nobody needs that many bras," said Nicole Anderson.

Wilkes-Barre Township police say the store has been hit by thieves three other times this year. Since January, almost $8,000 worth of women's undergarments have been stolen from the high-end lingerie store.

"How do they not notice that?" asked Anderson.

"I think it's crazy! I don't know what they'd be doing with them or why they would even want to or if they're selling them on the black market, if there is such a thing for bras? I have no clue," said Lynne Pyskoty of Wilkes-Barre.

"Somebody's going to be having a great time! Either that or somebody's husband is really sorry and they need to buy their wife a lot of lingerie," said George Martin of Scranton.

Police say they don't yet have any leads and also don't have a description, but folks we've talked to say Victoria's Secret should do more to improve security.

"Maybe more employees at the door?" Anderson added.

"Since it's happened so often, you'd think they'd be more prepared," said Pyskoty.

Wilkes-Barre Township police say they're not sure if all the thefts are connected.

Newswatch 16 called Victoria's Secret corporate headquarters to ask if it is doing anything to increase its security at the store in the Wyoming Valley Mall, but we haven't heard back.


  • Swampdonkey

    Really how they lift 25 individual bras without being noticed?
    has to a large Presidential type Female ..

  • Heather owens

    There’s a Facebook site for Victoria Secret items in nepa maybe that’s where they are being sold lol

  • CC30

    I am a member of several ‘yard sale’ and ‘rummage sale’ sites on Facebook and I see these new with tags VS bras up for sale quite a bit…same person. I always thought it was kinda fishy. That’s where police should be looking…

  • HERP

    Is their video surveillance showing one individual stealing all 25? No? Then this story is worthless.
    It could be anything. It could be twenty-five different people stealing one bra, or twelve people stealing two. An employee stealing them, ringing them out wrong, counting them wrong or the distribution center shipping too few then the count actually says. OR they could still be in the store behind a fixture because someone threw it, or it fell behind a drawer.
    Every business has wrong counts on inventories, not sure why 25 is so bad? Other large stores and grocery stores lose millions a year in lost inventory, so why is this soooo bad?
    Also they RETAIL for $8,000, they are made in other countries like China for two-cents a piece, then shipped here and sold for $50. That should be considered robbery. They should only be able to sell crap from other countries double of what they make it for plus shipping.

    • Valfreyja

      Or we could just have sane laws like other countries that tax goods made outside of the country as they should be. But no, in the US if you have a corporate headquarters on us soil you don’t have to pay taxes on anything made in foreign lands

  • nej

    I was thinking an inside job from the start, I would love to know if the same manager was on duty during all of the thefts.

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