Woman Hit With More Theft Charges

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SIMPSON -- A woman from Carbondale who was charged last month with scamming family friends is in trouble again.  This time, authorities say she stole from a man with cerebral palsy who was in her care.

Sean Lasher of Simpson says Ashley Sobol stole thousands of dollars from him back in 2012. It wasn't until he saw his former caregiver on TV in handcuffs last month that he decided he was going to press charges himself.

Sobol, of Carbondale, was arrested in early March for allegedly scamming family friends out of $26,000.

"When the cops said there's more people out there, please come forward, I said, 'I'm going to do it to see what I can get back,'" Sean Lasher said.

Lasher has cerebral palsy and requires constant care. At the suggestion of a neighbor, Lasher hired Ashley Sobol back in 2012.

"She used to be a caregiver for me. Come into my house, get me dressed for the day, and stuff. Go shopping for me and stuff like that."

According to police, that's when Sobol would steal. Over the course of a few months, Carbondale Police told Newswatch 16 Sobol racked up about $2,000 worth of credit card bills, and bought a cell phone for herself with Lasher's money.

Lasher kept close track of his bank statements and fired Sobol shortly after, but only now is seeking justice.

"It's very hard to trust people after what I've been through," he said.

Ashley Sobol was set to have a preliminary hearing in Lackawanna County court Monday on the first case. But instead, she was arraigned on additional theft charges related to Sean Lasher's case.

She was released, but if convicted, she could face prison time.


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      I dont get how she steals all of this money off of people & recieves child support from her kids father…but…still doesnt use any of the money to take care of her kids. I cross my fingers & pray to God that her kids dont grow up being the lowlife criminal that she is 🙏👍

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