Woman Gifts Engagement Ring to Man Battling Cancer, Fiance

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) — A New Mexico woman’s engagement didn’t work out, but instead of selling her diamond ring, she wanted to find a deserving couple to give it to.

With the help of social media, she quickly found one.

“Every day is a blessing,” says Josh Michaels who has been engaged to his girlfriend Laura since 2013.

That same year he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer – stage four – that spread from a tumor in his chest. “I’ve been told a few different things you know. ‘I wasn’t gonna make it, I had two months left,’ and I’m still here.”

“To break up and to give up would have been worse to me than for him to pass away,” says Josh’s fiance Laura.

Medical bills have kept Michaels from being able to afford an engagement ring, but last night, he saw this post on the Inhabitants of Burque Facebook page. An anonymous woman says her engagement didn’t work out and wanted to gift her 21-hundred-dollar diamond ring to a loving couple. She said in a statement: “I didn’t want it to become another pawn shop ring, for me it was a symbol of love and happiness.” Dozens of people posted their love stories.

Of all of the submissions, Michaels was picked to receive the ring and he chose to propose once again. “I love you very much…”

Michaels says family and friends’ support lift him up and Laura hasn’t left his side through any struggles. “It’s just little things like this that keep you strong, keep you going.”

The ring is a symbol of a stranger’s kind heart and a symbol of their love for each other.