UPDATE: Police Investigate Weekend Shooting of Bystanders

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Police in Williamsport are gathering information about what happened at a nightclub over the weekend. No arrests have been made yet, but police want to emphasize they're doing all they can to help keep the public safe.

City leaders in Williamsport say investigators are working overtime. Police are talking to witnesses as they try to find out why shots were fired over the weekend outside Imbibe Lounge and Night Venue off Pine Street in Williamsport.

"We're not going to say who came in or what was said obviously, but some of the people are coming in so the public's help is making a difference,” said Assistant Chief Tim Miller.

Williamsport's assistant police chief said the shots were fired into a crowd and five innocent bystanders, who were injured. He says the public should not be afraid to go downtown.

"I want to make it clear to the public we didn't have a random gunman just walking down the street shooting at people," said Miller.

"It's becoming too regular. It's like every other week there is a shooting in Williamsport," said Charlene Cartsley.

Cartsley lives outside of the city. She spent part of her day running errands downtown. She said she avoids the city at night.

"I don't come down at all. All it takes is for you to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and it's too scary to chance it," she said.

Even during the day some people say they just don't feel as comfortable as they used to walking around by themselves.

"Just for the simple reason I feel unsafe. There's too much crime, too much drugs in the city. I don't trust people," said Tammy Baumb from Jersey Shore.

Others like Matthew Johnson who grew up in Williamsport aren't as deterred.

"I've been all around this city. I don't feel any threat, you know. Mainly you keep to yourself, you don't have any problems. I mean if you are looking for trouble, you are going to find trouble," said Johnson.

"I want people to feel safe. I think they are as safe as we can make them,” said Miller.

Police tell Newswatch 16 they hope to make an arrest or arrests soon.

Parents of one of the victims spoke about his ordeal to Newswatch 16.