Recycling Old Documents: Community Shredding Day

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BLOOMSBURG -- Geisinger Health System is Celebrating Earth Day all week by inviting the community to recycle old documents for free.

It was hard to miss the large truck parked in the lot at Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital. It was there to shred documents.

"We have slowly been shredding stuff on our own. This is a lot easier," said Sid Morgan of Bloomsburg who brought plenty of items.

"We brought old tax forms and papers. My father-in-law died several years ago. We had all his stuff."

The shredding is part of Geisinger Health System's Earth Day celebration. People could come to shred items for free.

Bob Lynn of Bloomsburg says he feels safer shredding documents this way.

"If you just throw it in the garbage can, you have a chance of somebody getting a hold of the information and then if they get a hold of your checking account numbers, social security numbers, and then you're subject to theft."

Chris Myers works for Cintas Document Management and says the truck can shred up to 7,000 pounds of paper an hour. It's usually a service Cintas charges for, but this event was free.

"For someone who is going to try and hand-feed a small home shredder, especially if they have folders, it's better off to just drop it off with us," said Myers.

People said they feel better that their documents are being recycled by Cintas instead of just being thrown away.

"It's green. It's a win-win," said Lynn.

If you did not make it to Bloomsburg, there is another chance to shred your documents on Wednesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the J.A.W.S. recycling facility on Railroad Street in Danville.