Did Plane Dump Toilet Paper? FAA Investigating

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WEST PITTSTON -- The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating whether what appears to be toilet paper and plastic that landed in a neighborhood in Luzerne County fell from an aircraft.

On the 200 block of Wyoming Avenue in West Pittston, debris fell onto several properties.  It hit the Viccicas' lawn the hardest, one day after the family said they mulched the yard.

“I'd like to know what happened, how it happened, and I'd like to see it cleaned up,” Tori Viccica  said.

While the smell from the mulch is still fresh, the dozens of pieces of ripped paper and plastic make the tightly-kept front yard look more like a landfill.

“I just thought it was crazy, actually, cause you don't always wake up and see toilet paper in your trees,” Viccica said.

The family believes an aircraft may have dumped the mess onto their property around 6:30 a.m. Monday. They called the FAA, which confirmed to Newswatch 16 that it is investigating the matter.

Folks who live and work in West Pittston tell Newswatch 16 the situation is as crappy as it looks.

“That's nuts! I mean, a plane drops stuff out of the sky and onto a yard? That's crazy! I never seen something like that before,” said Michael Reiher, who lives in West Pittston.

The FAA is investigating if the debris did indeed fall from an aircraft. Officials from the FAA will collect some of the debris and examine and will also look to see if any aircraft were flying above the home at the time the family said they saw debris falling from the sky.


  • Frank Rizzo

    Probably someone flying from forty fort airport playing a prank on someone who lives on that street, Well done :)

  • Pilot

    Planes cannot dump waste. Not cannot as in they aren’t supposed to, but cannot as in there is no means to do so. This is ridiculous.

    • Jay

      No blue fluid, no brown sludge….but pieces of plastic?? We’ll see how this flushes out, but it doesn’t seem to add up.

  • Swampdonkey

    Im a very observant person, one day last month it was a very clear and bright day.
    Walking into the yard i happen to look up at the sky i saw about 7 “things” way up
    about a good mile high.I STAYED FOCUSED AND NOTICE NO BIRDS nor anything in the entire sky.They drifted toward my person ever so slowly until they landed on my and my neighbor’s yard.
    They were leaves, elm and oak leaves. Now how did they get there, stayed in a cluster then decide to fall and separate from each other? I think with global change (the natural end of the ice age)
    they were picked up by a dust devil miles away and then dropped but why did stay together
    till the moment i spotted them?No im not on meds nor do i do drugs.

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