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Luzerne County Election Board To Go Over Concerns With County Council

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WILKES-BARRE -- With the primary election just about a month away, campaign signs are starting to appear, including along Pennsylvania Avenue in Wilkes-Barre.

But the Luzerne County Board of Elections says it still has concerns about how things will go on May 19 – Election Day.

Last month, the Board of Elections sent the county a letter, outlining concerns it has with the Bureau of Elections after its director resigned. The board wrote in the letter that it worries the primary election could be "compromised."

But Board of Elections Chairman Jeremy Packard said Monday some of its other concerns have been eased. Packard said Interim Director David Parsnik will hire two temporary employees. Packard also said Parsnik will strongly consider including a deputy director position in next year's budget.

“He would put in the budget the deputy director position because he feels it is too much for one person to handle,” Packard said.

But before the election bureau can hire a deputy director, it needs to find a permanent director, and there's no telling how long that may take. The Bureau of Elections office will have to re-advertise the position this week because the Board of Elections said no applicants were qualified to serve in the position.

County Council invited the Elections Board to its public meeting Tuesday night to go over its staffing concerns and Packard says the board will be there.