Tanker Loses Axle, Spills Fuel

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- A tanker spilled oil and fuel after its rear axle was separated from the truck Thursday morning.

It happened before 9 a.m. at an intersection at Armstrong and Suscon Roads in Pittston Township.

"This road is very, very busy."

Beverly Robinson's home sits feet away from where the tanker spilled home heating oil and says it was quickly contained.

"They put the booms out, even for the creek. They were on it right away. "

The oil spill happened after the tanker stopped at the intersection of Armstrong and Suscon Roads in Pittston Township. When the driver went to accelerate, the truck's axle fell right off it, causing the spill.

Pittston Township police say they've never seen anything like before.

"Everything's valid, there's insurance on the vehicle, it's inspected, it has current registration, everything is current on the vehicle. There's no issues," said Pittston Township Sgt. Lena Angellella.

Folks at a truck repair shop here in Wilkes-Barre gave Newswatch 16 an idea of what could have gone wrong this morning.

"The axle pulled apart from the back of the vehicle."

Axles are part of annual inspections and this truck just passed inspection in January.

Police say DEP was not called because Luzerne County EMA handled the situation.

"I was very, very grateful it was contained at the top of our driveway and didn't come in our yard, and I was very, very happy; happy the driver didn't come up in our yard," Robinson said.

Suscon Road in Pittston Township is now back open. Officials say if the axle broke while the truck was moving, the scene could have been a whole lot worse.


  • Arnie Bridge

    So if the truck was not in motion – how exactly did it crash? And if it was not in motion how did the axle fall off and end up 10 feet behind the truck?

  • Barry Finn

    probably caused by all the potholes it has hit! Way to go PennDot – don’t bother fixing the roads! Few showers today, no Blitz! God forgive anyone should get wet.

    • Anonymous

      Before you speak Barry maybe you should understand how blacktop and cold patch material work. The hole in which the material is placed has to be clean and dry otherwise it’ll just blow back out and you’ll be back where you started. In the mean time you’ll have wasted taxpayer dollars on a useless fix. I understand its easy to blame someone else though.

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