PennDOT, Cabot to Repair Road in Susquehanna County

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BROOKLYN TOWNSHIP -- PennDOT said Cabot Oil and Gas has agreed to help repair a road in Susquehanna County that has severely deteriorated this spring.

There is massive heaving along Route 167 in Brooklyn Township.

Even though the state is responsible for any repairs to routes like this, PennDOT says Cabot will overhaul the road for several miles due to the heavy truck traffic on the road.

PennDOT will also pay for some other emergency repairs to the road.

There is no word yet on how much repairs will cost.


  • BZ22

    Why is it that other states who have heavy truck traffic, bad winters, etc., are able to build roads that last for years?

  • Victoria Switzer

    SR3023 is used constantly by the gas industry. It is a mess and has been for years now. I would like to see the gas company pay for all road repairs on roads they use. I think it is their responsibility.

    • BZ22

      So what’s PennDOT’s excuse for the roads those trucks aren’t hauling on all the time which are in terrible shape? I’d prefer they spend our tax dollars as they supposed to and get to work instead of sitting back waiting for gas companies to do it for them. What did they do with that money designated for this area?

  • Give us a Brake

    Dear, Complainers. It has only been warm enough to patch roads for the last 5-7 days. Unfortunately we can not fix every road in the county in one day! Unless you would like your taxes raised to level on your neighbors to the north in NY. But we are working hard to get it all done, and thankfully company’s like Cabot are helping, which will make for faster fixes, and less tax payer money.

    • BZ22

      In many cases the issue is the ditches, sluices, etc., which were not maintained and water stands in the roadway, crosses over it instead of under it or along it as it’s supposed to do. I live on a road that a gas company bonded and rebuilt several years ago. It has heavy equipment and truck traffic, has not heaved and there’s not a pothole to be found. Do it right and it will last!

      • Swampdonkey

        No problem just need a couple grand to fix my car, no rage here not even after you p-dot
        folks refused my check and charged me double. I LOVE YOU P-DOT.

    • Sue Abbott

      Bull-oney!!! The roads have been in this condition for over TWO YEARS (Rt. 11 especially!!). Blaming the weather for a delay in renovation is an insult to the community’s intelligence. We drive these roads EVERY day. There are some shady dealings going on in the Susquehanna PennDot offices, and I’ll be happy to see them come to light someday. Where is all the money (both FEDERAL and STATE) going????? I haven’t heard of any movement to withhold our tax dollars (not a bad idea) until we see some return on our investment, so why the LONG delay in repairs, maintenance? 2 people lost their lives due to PennDot negligence this winter (I-81). I’m surprised there weren’t more. Stop finding excuses and take some responsibility for the deplorable conditions we live with every day. DO YOUR JOBS, DAMMIT.

    • Sue Abbott

      in addition, I don’t need my taxes raised any more; the gas companies are DIRECTLY responsible for the damage to these roads. Let them pony up a portion of their BILLIONS in profits (no, that’s not a typo) to fix what they destroyed. I was raised to take responsibility for my actions; if I broke something, I had to fix or repair it. If they want to be seen as responsible “partners” in this area, then take the responsibility for their damage and fund the repairs. Otherwise, go find another gas play somewhere else (hint: this is the biggest reserve of natural gas in the NATION. We have what they want. Quit coddling them. They ain’t going nowhere; too much $$$ to reap.) Have a smooth day….

    • Cathy Concern

      Thankful to Cabot? Why shouldn’t they repair the roads that they ruined. They and other gas companies should be bonded to repair the roads but they aren’t?? My vehicle almost tipped over going 25 MPH on route 706 on my way to NY!!!

  • Bonnie

    How about the Road from Montrose to New Milford. The water trucks are on that road all times of the day. The pot holes are so bad you are afraid you are gonna fall in.

  • Sue Abbott

    it’s a start. now what about Rt. 11, Rt. 492, Rt. 706, Rt. 92, etc etc etc. Route 11 is so bad here that you get the feeling that you’re living in Beirut! Last I looked (3pm today), there is still massive truck traffic on these roads also, and passenger cars are taking a serious beating. It’s been this way for over 2 years. WHAT are they waiting for???

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