Neighbors Blame Litter on Natural Gas Workers, Call It ‘Disrespect’

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BROOKLYN TOWNSHIP — The roadside is full of trash in the Hop Bottom area and residents blame the gas drilling workers.

Hundreds of trucks go in and out of a Cabot Oil and Gas well pad north of Hop Bottom every day. Recently, neighbors say some of those drivers have been leaving something behind.

All kinds of empty drink bottles and cans littered along a back road just off Route 167. The trash has been left there presumably by truck drivers who according to neighbors, have made quite a mess of the quiet countryside.

And some neighbors are none too pleased.

“It’s just disrespect, you know? Why would you want to throw anything out? Over this period of time they’ve been here, you can see garbage accumulating on the road,” said Steve Zangerle.

Zangerle grew up here and walks his dog along Oakley Road several times a day. He says the gas drilling operation down the road has changed things for the worse.

“This was paradise at one period of time. As you see if you drove up the road, there are only three or four houses up the road. We’re talking 300 to 400 trucks a day.”

When all the pipeline traffic and natural gas drilling traffic showed up in this part of Susquehanna County, folks started to notice the garbage on sides of road and runoff making its way into their pristine ponds.

But the garbage to Steve Zangerle, that’s another thing altogether.

“Should nature get the respect? I think so. That’s the way it is. God put it nice and pristine. There’s no people out here to ruin it normally.”

We reached out to Cabot which hires other companies to truck in water and sand to its site.

A spokesperson says Cabot will not tolerate contractors who don’t follow the rules and the trash was being cleaned up after Newswatch 16 got involved.

Statement from Cabot:

“Cabot is committed to being a good neighbor and we respect the area we work in. We meet regularly with our third party contractors and stress traffic safety, adherence to posted speed limits and the need to be considerate.

We have processes in place to enforce the rules and will not tolerate those contractors who opt not to follow them.

Our goal is to exceed the standards and we will again stress with local contractors the need to be fully compliant with our requirements.

We have taken steps to remove the trash in question tonight.

Again, Cabot is committed to being a good neighbor.”


  • Alarmed in Hobbie

    Yes Mark I agree! I saw the pond polution only in passing and it was obviously polluted. Where is the DEP in all this? And the next day all the millions Cabot Oil and Gas will be spending to repair those horrible roads; over and over again! The PR for gas drilling companies has unlimited financial funds to spin and suppress bad news with ignoring the once shown pond and then throwing millions at a road repaving project to appear environmentally responsible! But the DEP drought warnings on the WNEP weather, in our area, is also of grave concern to me. Gas companies take water OUT of our rivers to frack with no limitations nor any fiscal responsibility for residents who rely on wells for their only water source. Long term, I feel, not only will be experiencing low water tables like California; but the quality of the water for all will be tainted with cancer causing chemicals. We should also remember the earth quakes and all those abandoned coal mines in the entire state under or near our homes. At what price will our children pay for the fast buck oil and gas companies are making at the expense of everyone who lives here and the one’s who will inherit the destruction to come in the future? History keeps repeating itself until we change our behavior and it’s time to talk about the genie that’s out of the bottle and the elephant in the room; and get our heads out of the sand. We have the capeabilty to power a Rover on Mars for years and years; yet residents are restricted and denied permits, to power their homes with mini solar panels and mini wind turbines because, “the neighbors don’t want to see it”. Free non-polluting energy which will help heal mother earth and maybe reverse some of the effects of global warming. One day conflict will be over clean drinking water and land will not be valued by a zip code or what the house down the road sold for; but for how much water is under one’s home. Moreover, I feel the loss of equity in our homes will make them worthless. I also doubt, that we will want to drink the water from our wells. The loop holes that are stated by officials and polititians like, “methane is a common occurring gas in the ground”; is the tip of the iceberg. Talk to the home owners in Dimmock,PA if you can find anyone there anymore…money talks and the fracking companies don’t come to areas where the residents are cash rich; statistically, I feel, they target depressed economical areas with residents of lower education and lower paying jobs. I doubt this will be posted…but at least I got this out of my system. Garbage on the side of the road? Look at the pond and report that! Where is the EPA and DEP? The clean water act should be overhauled to protect the American citizens against fracking side effects, I feel; and not be manipulated by billion/trillion dollar petrolium based companies. We have the technology….why can’t we use it?

  • Cathy Concern

    Why hasn’t WNEP archived the video that was playing several times on the impacts to the pond? Could it be all the advertising money they receive from Cabot for the “Power to Save”? All we are seeing now is that they are repairing one of the many roads that they have damaged. . .”damage” control!!!

    • Mark

      I’ve been checking since last night for the video. I’d like some more info on the pond. It’s sad that was only mentioned in passing. I work for an environmental consulting/engineering firm, and would love to take a look at this issue.

  • Ford

    I agree that the truck drivers are adding to the mess, but people have been throwing junk anywhere they please up there for years. And when someone is caught dumping household trash, stoves, tv’s, etc there is absolutely no one that will even attempt to do anything about it. So slimeballs continue to do it and will continue to do it. At least Cabot is willing to take some responsibilty in the issue, but it not their’s alone nor should it be. People from Weida’s trailer court outside of lenoxville/glenwood continue to dump their garbage on local backroads. And I know they are not the only ones.

  • Chris

    The litter and road damage are the LEAST of the problems that gas company is creating for that community. How about POLLUTING the lakes, streams and well water of the people in that town??? That is the BIGGER issue!

      • Cathy Concern

        Is that why there is a 9 mile fracking moratorium in Dimock, water buffaloes in the county? When was the last time you had your air tested. . .you’d be surprised!

    • BZ22

      Four well pads within a one mile radius of my house which have been there for a few years! Several ponds and lakes and no dead or mutant fish, fowl or wildlife. Well water is just as it always was.

  • Carl Baker

    With the logic of some of the morons in this country, I’m surprised there isn’t a lawsuit filed against pump&pantry.

  • Jason

    Yup, just the gas workers making a mess of roads…uh huh. I live in the boonies too, and I see people dump whatever they want anywhere…most of the time, just so they don’t have to pay to have it taken away. I’ve seen people dump their old stoves or washers down the mountains, or just throw their garbage bags onto streets. Driving down interstates, people throw things out of their windows constantly. It’s not just gas workers making a mess.

    • BZ22

      And maybe it’s not the truck drivers at all. There are all kinds of workers, etc., driving that road and in and out of that site 24/7.

    • BZ22

      And those lazy pigs aren’t all truck drivers littering!! We had to put a fence up to keep neighbor’s dogs out of our yard and you should see what that’s caught over the winter!

  • Bamaguy

    This actually makes me like Cabot a little bit more. They clean up the trash. Who cares if they had to do it under pressure, at least they did it.

  • Swampdonkey

    Wood stove runs a generator “final video” make’s gasoline, and propane.
    google this video for cleanest heat the world can ever get.

  • Give a hoot, don't pollute

    Yes, because we all know that PA was a pristine trash-free sanctuary until those evil gas companies moved in. We never used to see bottles, cigarettes, tires, mattresses, and major appliances dumped along the side of the road.

  • Jack da Ripper

    This is B.S I drive this road everyday. We’ll whats left of it. every property on that road has more junk cars and garbage than the landfill in Dunmore.

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