Commissioners Inquiring How Movie Money Was Spent

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SCRANTON -- Lackawanna County commissioners want to know how $500,000 in taxpayer money was spent on making the movie “The Trouble with Cali,” especially now when it appears the movie deal is dead.

At the county commissioners meeting Wednesday, the commissioners requested detailed information on how director Paul Sorvino spent the money for his film.

They also want to ask for the money back.

Former commissioners approved the money years ago.

Sorvino revealed earlier this month that a deal to distribute the film to theaters fell through.

Action 16 investigative reporter Dave Bohman was scheduled to meet with Sorvino in New York City to talk about the issue, but Sorvino cancelled the interview on the advice of his attorney.


  • BZ22

    $500,000 probably wouldn’t pay for food while in production so cut your losses, man up and apologize to the taxpayers for being so stupid with their money……….AGAIN!!!

  • bleh

    His lawyer gave great advise. Pa is corrupt and if they want the money back they will charge him with anything to get it back.

    I doubt he did anything wrong. Scranton gambled and lost plain and simple.

    Its the voters fault for putting these guys in office.

  • Reuben

    The former commissioners made us, the taxpayers, investors in this project. A film is always a risky investment. There’s no money coming back even if they ask for it. That’s like investing in a stock and when it tanks asking for your money back. It’s Gone Baby, Gone!

  • another backroom deal

    Action 16 investigative reporter Dave Bohman was scheduled to meet with Sorvino in New York City to talk about the issue, but Sorvino cancelled the interview on the advice of his attorney……….Tell me why Bohman wants to interview Sorvino?? If you want to give $$, he will take $$, simple. Bohman should be questioning the politicians that signed their name on paper, to approve giving away $500,000. Give me a break.

  • Ford

    Shouldn’t the commissioners have asked the “where, what, when, how” questions before they forked over a half million dollars?? I’m glad I don’t live in the city, given the morons running it straight into the ground. Seems like a half million dollars would go some ways in collecting interest all these years and providing som relief to an area already in the hole. And now they want to **rew over the resident with parking tickets to make up “their” shortcomings.

  • swamphop

    How about tax payers open an investigation into scranton to find out where our tax money has gone?

  • last man standing

    Seriously? Lackawanna County Commissioners are worried about a lousy $500,000.00? Every time I turn around, there’s another story about corruption in North East PA. Murder, robbery, drug and alcohol rates are through the roof. Illegals and low information inner city dwellers from New York and New Jersey are coming in by the bus loads for easier access to welfare programs. School teachers are on strike demanding more money and benefits for their 180 days of disservice. Our new Gov. wants to punish all of us who work, shop, and live in PA with a whole new batch of outrageously high taxes and you are worried about a paltry half a million? WAKE UP PENNSYLVANIA! The outrage is not Paul Sorvino ripping off tax payers. Ya, he’s probably a dirt bag, but the real shame falls on us. Why ANY tax payer dollars were used in the first place is the real crime. A movie! A freakin movie! Are you kidding me? You childish, irresponsible, little jackasses. The Commissioners who approve crap like this are the real criminals.

  • keith hinkel

    Very stupid investment to begin; then after all this time an accounting demanded? Fools! The picture company is probably bankrupt–no way to recover the $500K any longer. Do not cry politicians just throw yourselves in a deep dark mine shaft, hang a sign–“here is where stupid ends”!

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