Family Attacked After Shushing Teens in Theater

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- The next time you feel like telling someone to be quiet at a movie theater, you may think of this story.

A family was attacked after seeing a movie Easter Sunday evening at the Stroud Mall and they believe it happened because they told some teenagers during the movie to pipe down.

A woman says she just came to see a movie Easter Sunday with her family, when a rowdy group of teens sitting behind her not only harassed her family inside the theater, they allegedly assaulted some of them later in the parking lot and took off.

A black eye, a broken eye socket, and bruises all over -- Cindy Santamaria-Williams says this all happened outside the Stroud Mall after an Easter Sunday showing of "Furious 7."

"The three girls they were sitting behind us. They were very loud, rowdy. They were cursing a lot," said Santamaria-Williams.

Santamaria-Williams told us she turned around and told the teens to quiet down.

After the movie and after complaining to management, she says those teens were waiting for her outside, along with three more girls and two teenage boys.

Santamaria-Williams told us what the girls said.

"'When one swings, we all swing,' and they immediately jumped on me and knocked me to the ground and punched me in the face. I think that's what knocked me to the ground."

Both Santamaria-Williams and her sister-in-law were hurt.

Stroud Area Regional Police Chief William Parrish says they are investigating the incident, one that concerns them a great deal.

"When you go to the movies, you don't need to be at risk to have your family endangered and we're talking about even Easter Sunday, you know, to come out and be engaged in this," said Chief Parrish.

Now Stroud Area Regional Police along with the victim want to find all of the individuals involved in that alleged assault outside the food court and find out exactly what happened.

"We are trying to identify this group of teenagers. We're looking at video from the mall and we do have some descriptions of some of the females," said Chief Parrish.

Santamaria-Williams believes she saw someone recording the incident on a smart phone and is asking them to come forward.

Stephen Feuer visits the mall near Stroudsburg often and says this type of violence is troubling.

"It's very upsetting. And I thought that in a place like this it would be safe for people to go," said Feuer.

Santamaria-Williams says she won't rest until these teens are caught and likely charged.

"I can ID those girls. They were in my face. Their face is in my head. If I see them again in a line up, I know exactly who they are," she said.

The family is offering a reward to anyone who comes forward with information or that cell phone video that may lead to an arrest.

Police say the teens involved likely could face simple assault charges.

Anyone with information is asked to call Stroud Area Regional Police.


      • Rick

        He is a genius compared to you. I saw the headline and knew the race before I read the article that linked me to this report. The cowards on that site weren’t even taking comments. Too bad a concealed carry holder didn’t snuff out the lowlifes. Why does the black community think a theater is the same as their living room?

    • Harry

      Of course they do. Nearly all the people involved in senseless violence reports and videos look like Obama’s daughters or possible sons.

  • Charles Anthony

    “Police say the teens involved likely could face simple assault charges.”

    Even if caught or prosecuted nothing would happen to them. And chances are, taxpayers are feeding and housing these people.

      • Rick

        Defending the undefendable? Why do you side with these lowlife low class jerks? Check your black privilege. You have no right to disrupt movies or beat up people because of their speech. Anyone who does deserves to be shot by a concealed carry holder.

  • Larry CableGuy

    This lady was taught a valuable lesson don’t say things to certain kinds of people if you are not prepared to fight them.

    If you live in a area that has a high % of a certain kind of people you should move ASAP

  • Anna Nymus

    You cowardly pieces of trash!! Can’t fight alone, huh? You’re real brave, NOT!! How dare you attack two women, and in public?! You think you’re special?! You’re nothing! I know you’re reading this cowards! 9 on 2 is great. Try fighting alone! You can’t do it because you’re weak, ugly, and disgusting! Karma is coming you’re way and the way of your family and friends who have condoned this!


    I grew up in NE Pa and lived here for most of my life except for about 20 years, then returned. I am retired now and I can see how the Poconos, surrounding cities and towns have changed dramatically and I cannot say for the better either. We USED TO go camping and then owned a cottage in the Poconos over 30 years ago . The area was just beginning to change back then. Those of us who are older and used to travel through the Poconos way back before it was over populated know what I am talking about. I am sorry to say it isn’t mostly the local people who have lived there most of their lives or generations of their families living there who are acting like animals…need I say where these people have migrated from ??>How about points North, East and South from Metro NY, NJ and Philly area ?? Add on top of all this the gang influence on the teens, the violent society our world is changing into and lack of respect for others lives. Sad to say that now the urban and rural areas are starting to feel and see the lousy changes now too because the people from inner cities are moving into the smaller areas “for a better quality” and low cost of living way of life. Some of you might not agree with me, others from those states and areas I have mentioned might feel insulted, that is fine. I’m not saying all the people who have moved from other areas are causing this, but the majority of this change is caused by how these teens have been influenced living in those metro areas or have friends from there. But I remember how this area was and what it is now….the truth is in the pudding so to speak. It is a sad day when a family can’t go to a movie without being assaulted or others need to carry weapons to defend themselves wherever we go. If I could go back to the quieter and safer days of my youth if it were possible I would go in a flash !! I hope the police find these teens and the judge throws the book at them !!! To the Ladies who were assaulted> I hope you get your justice and day in court !! This could happen to anyone of us , anytime. These kinds of things are happening all over. Heaven help us !

    • Marty Burt

      As someone who was raised in the area in the 50s , 60s and early 70s I used to tell my kids I grew up in Mayberry, PA. It looks like those days are gone . This type of thuggery would have been inconceivable then and people respected each other too much for things like this to happen. I agree that a general coarsening of society occurred sometime after I left exacerbated by an influx of outsiders from the surrounding metropolitan areas when changed NE Penna for the worse . My wife and I used to entertain fantasies of returning someday but as this article sadly makes clear, you can’t go back.

      • Steve C.

        You are spot on but leaving out the important element that has allowed this to happen. The Demo party and their policy of bribing potential voters with section 8 housing programs, redistributing wealth and shuffling around populations of dependent minorities who can’t keep their families together, can’t raise their kids, who become feral, violent and amoral…

  • Sue

    Time to take back our community! ZERO tolerance. Most family and friends carry and I can tell you that the ending would have been much different for those punks had they chosen someone that was able to defend themselves.

      • Jay Moreno

        What those rabid, degenerate, feral, Black savages deserved was not a subsequent “simple assault” charge but an immediate +P dose of definitive Bernie Goetz justice.

    • Chris

      No, you don’t shoot to injure. You also do not shoot a warning shot. You shoot for center mass (chest area).
      No firearms instructor worth a salt would teach to injure or fire a warning shot.

      How did I know the attackers were black before I saw their picture?

  • Anna Coppola

    How about the stroud police step up and take care of the area as they should ?? the whole places is going to pot because they don’t do there jobs ! that mall has been nothing but problems for years, I don’t need cops I got my conceal you wanna try someone try me I will make your life a living hell. don’t care if you are black white Chinese Japanese etc etc etc you harm mine I am going to harm you . Problem is teens think they can do as they please and parents don’t give a crap

      • Anna Coppola

        Why do you think I got a conceal carry ?? I worked in the Perkins down on main street in stroudsburg … why do you think it went from 24 hours to only being open till 9 or 10 ??? after midnight …me and 4 other workers were held up at gun point for a measly 270 dollars ( give or take)IN CHANGE no less… been harassed by NYC WANNA BE THUGS so please don’t talk about what you don’t know… and nice screen name big talker behind you anon name idiot…

  • Very annoyed.

    I got a better idea: The police reveal the IDs of the kids to the family, and then they beat the ever loving bejesus out of these punks!

  • Reading Through

    The ignorance in the comments of this story is more frightening than the story itself. The blood thirsty, gun-toting bigots making racist comments do nothing but perpetuate the violence.

      • julianwjr

        The damned, bed-wetting, anti American, anti-Second Amendment, Commie -Lib, White- guilted pansies can not bring themselves to face and admit to their sole culpability for creating and subsidizing America’s growing tribe of feral Black savages since 1964!

    • Keyboard warrior

      Your comment would be valid if you were talking about humans, but unfortunately like any other animal that lashes out and attacks on provocation, eventually it needs to be put down. These animals won’t be happy until there is a full-on race war.

    • DLA

      Agree completely. I’ve never see so many fascists gather in one place. The color of their skin has absolutely nothing to do with behavior.

  • tiredofdepravity

    “Police say the teens involved likely could face simple assault charges” Not good enough. Maybe they could use a good beat down..

  • Janice L. Rahr

    Where are the parents of these kids??? This is just terrible that these people can’t even go to a movie and watch it in peace. They all should be ashamed of themselves and so should the parents. The teens should be seriously dealt with but until you also start fining the parents, they will continue to let their kids do this kind of stuff. PARENTS NEED TO HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sick_Of_The_Hypocrisy

    Maybe a quote by a famous person if things went the other way :
    ” The girls who harassed the family at the movie theater would look like my daughters ” LOL….
    As a serious note, if any one of the victims had a gun and tried to protect themselves there would a “flurry” of news stories and rights activists flooding the area. Things are really run by hypocrites and liars in the present day.

    • Johnson

      Okay and where do gun rights come into play in this article I must’ve missed it? I’m glad she didn’t pull out a gun and shoot them quite honestly.

      • Valfreyja

        This is precisely the scenario one deserves to shoot someone. 8 people ganging up on you quickly can become life or death. If you behave this way you have no value in society.

      • Anna Coppola

        How about the stroud police step up and take care of the area as they should ?? the whole places is going to pot because they don’t do there jobs ! that mall has been nothing but problems for years, I don’t need cops I got my conceal you wanna try someone try me I will make your life a living hell. don’t care if you are black white Chinese Japanese etc etc etc you harm mine I am going to harm you . Problem is teens think they can do as they please and parents don’t give a crap

      • poonus

        she would have been justified and in fear of her life, having 8 people surround her- even if only a few attacked her…so yeah- gun rights would have mattered – I’d bet you a dollar they wouldn’t have hit her if she was armed and trained to use that gun….but she’s probably another NY-er too- and wasn’t carrying..

  • Mel

    {\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset0 .HelveticaNeueInterface-Regular;}

    \f0\fs36 \cf2 \cb3 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0
    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 And why didn’t these rowdy brats have any manners, respect or self control? How is it the victims fault for their selfish and violent behavior and actions? All she did was ask them to be quiet and they formed a group and turned violent. Who’s to say they wouldn’t have attacked them anyways even if they cowered to their ignorance and moved? They may have been looking for any excuse to assault someone so they could record it and show it off to friends and use it as an excuse to justify their actions. Who’s to say they didn’t have mace or a knife in their purses but were attacked before they could get it and use it. Why didn’t the movie theater have security to remove them or call the cops to remove them?

    • C

      There’s no point in a carry permit.. you use your gun you go to jail no matter what is happening to you.. they are trying to put cops in jail for shooting people who shoot at them.. the laws are messed up.. what happened to being able to defend yourself

    • And don't call me Shirley

      This is Pennsylvania. You don’t need a permit to carry. You do, however need a permit to carry concealed. Behind a wall or a car door is considered concealed. Just a “note to self.”
      These children are out of control. I couldn’t believe when what I was reading. Simple assault charge just wont cut it this time. Kids these days think they are bullet proof. We all did as teenagers. The difference between then and now…I would have fled the country to avoid the wrath of my father.

  • chrissy

    They would of been the ones laying on the ground with eyes smashed if it were me.
    People no matter what age need to learn to defend themseleves. Be their worst darn nightmare. Why didnt these older woman carry mace or knife..better yet why didnt they simply move to another seating area away from these little freaks

  • SteveL

    Leave the innocent teens alone. They are just confused ghetto blasters expressing their inner rage from 400 years of oppression and the fact Obama hasn’t got them a free IPhone 6 yet. They are the victim here if you listen to the liberal media

  • Ben

    Simple assault? Why not aggravated assault? This woman suffered serious bodily injury and the attack was planned

    • Brandon

      I agree. Simple assault is not the answer. These kids today have no respect at all. Not surprised though, if that’s how their parents raised them, that’s also how the cops will handle it. A little slap on the wrist and move on. What a shame.

    • Sarah

      A woman last week was attacked by stroud mall employes.The woman employe hit the lady and the male employe threw her down.They broke her ankle.There were witnesses,I saw what happen.Nothing was done,I came to the mall a couple days later and saw that the workers were back at work and the woman who was attacked was bann.Just tells you how stroud mall try’s to cover up things so no one can sue it gives them right to attack anybody and get away with it because they know the mall gonna cover it up…your not protected there…

    • notavictim

      this wasn’t aggravated assault, this was an act of racism, straight up! This pack of hoodlums went after these women because they were white, and the girls hate white people. Lets not sweep this away, call it what it is.

  • Josh

    While they were waiting outside, my 357 would have also been waiting.

    Very sad that it has come to this, but protect yourself people.

  • Taja

    If these police do not punish these kids to the fullest extent of the law they will be repeat offenders! Simple assault isn’t enough! She has a broken socket so it can be upgraded and should be! Wonder why things are going to hell Ima hand basket? They shouldn’t see the light of day for years!

    • Invalid

      yeah simple assault is a misdemeanor and unfortunately that is all they will get. Only way they can get the fullest is if serious bodily harm was done

      • ridicolous

        I had to have plastic surgery on my face after an attack and the DA gave the defendent a plea deal of simple assualt and ARD so now its off his record even though i was against the plea deal.. yes this is the world we live in, shame on those teens but unfortunately they will get a slap on the wrist if caught

    • Dawn

      The problem here isn’t the movie, the time of the day or anything except SOME PARENTS HAVE NOT PROPERLY BROUGHT UP THEIR CHILDREN!!! They are miserable brats who need to be taken down… The parents need to pay the medical bills and fines for what ever those brats are charged with. If you can’t appeal to the parents moralities…hit them in their pockets where it will hurt!


    How about looking at the cameras and seeing if they paid by bank card or credit card. We can start there first! :-)
    May the punishment be one that sets the example of such behavior. Disgusting….

    • Valfreyja

      Not that I don’t think they should be punished severely for this blatantly anti social behavior, but punishments-as-deterrence has never worked. You cannot threaten people who don’t care about the law in the first place with legal repercussions.

      • smokedbutdidnotinhale

        you are absolutely right, she says she can identify all the girls. well lets see here. get some women together find the scumbag girls hanging out somewhere.'”i am sure they are local too the area”‘. grab them, throw them into your car and take them for a ride and beat the f#!k out of them. and leave them out in the middle of no where. i am sure your point will be very understood by the lowlife scumbags that they are.

      • kbhart

        You can bet their parents do not care about the law either. They will be in complete denial and saying that woman was picking on them. The parents that allow their kids to become little monsters like this
        should be punished too.

      • Valfreyja

        I’m honestly not sure why so many people disagree with this statement. You could give these kids the death penalty and carry it out in public. It wont stop the next round of anti social want wits from attacking someone. Stiff penalties are factually proven to not act as deterrents. Ask Carlos Cascos or Ken Paxton in Texas why their state doesn’t have a meaningfully lower crime rate than any where else. This isn’t my opinion, it’s a documented, measured fact. Between 1960 and 2013 in a state with some of the stiffest punishments in the nation, both murder and rape have gone up at a fester percentage than the state’s population growth statistics.

        “Tough on crime” does not act as a deterrent.

        These kids SHOULD have stiff punishments, but don’t for a second let yourselves believe this makes you safer. You cannot reason with the unreasonable. You cannot convince someone to care about the law who already doesn’t care if they violate others’ rights.

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