Double Shooting Shakes Wilkes-Barre Residents

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WILKES-BARRE-- Detectives continued investigating the double shooting Saturday at Interfaith Heights that seriously injured a man and a woman.

Police say they impounded a red SUV wanted in connection with the case on Saturday night.

That vehicle was found on Madison Street. Police say they also located a suspected drug dealer they had been looking for, in the same home as woman who owns the vehicle.

He was arrested, but police say the charges he is facing are not connected to the double shooting.

Neighbors saw the street flooded with police.

"They screamed, 'This is a federal warrant!'They repeated it three times and then they went into the house," said Joshua Perrin.

Perrin said the events leave him wondering if it is even safe to walk his dog.

"It is sad, it is supposed to be a peaceful city, it's not really peaceful."

In other parts of the city residents wondered what could be done to stop the recent string of shootings.

"It is absolutely ridiculous, especially so close to a holiday like this. It is uncalled for and things need to change," said Gary Albert.

Police declined to release the names of the victims or the drug suspect who was arrested.

Mayor Tom Leighton told Newswatch 16 he plans to hold a press conference on Monday to speak about the string of shootings in the city.


  • Franko

    What they need to do with the Wilkes-Barre area is sort of like that old movie Escape From New York — just fence the whole thing in, build a huge ditch around the entire city to separate it from the rest of civilization, background check everyone trying to leave the city and only allow those without all the felony backgrounds to move out of the city, then just leave all the gangster thugs inside so they can shoot each other up to the point that eventually they are all gone (which at the rate of violence down there, would take about 2 to 3 years) then come back in, bulldoze everything, and start out all over again.
    And if they don’t have the funding to do that, then skip the first couple of steps and start out by bulldozing everything then starting out all over again, then institute the background checks to allow people to move back into the new city…

    On a more realistic level, though I still think bulldozing isn’t a bad idea, what the hell are the police doing ? these crimes keep happening in the same areas of the city, but yet they always catch the police by surprise — is the WB police force so scared of these areas themselves that they will not do foto patrols thru there ? You know a police presence does reduce criminal intent a little bit. Just like the whole Sherman Hills thing — Hey WB City Council…. How about have police in the complex area waling patrols 24/7, or at least early evening and all night, maybe things will change there as well.

    You know the solution isn’t that hard to figure out.

  • JustGetOut

    I hope Tommy admits that his administration has lost control and have no clue how to stop the flow of vermin into the city. The good people and good businesses are leaving and all that will left are the riff raff. Drugs, alcohol and easy Section 8 housing are the norm. Just ask anyone in Trenton or Camden and they’ll tell you Wilkes Barre is prime hunting grounds. Just put a 12 foot electric fence around the whole city and let them fight it out among themselves.

  • oharentyousuchawiseguy

    Oh such clever, intelligent words spewing from your mouth up there in Little Mexico City. Smh. How foolish of you.

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