Sweet Treats for Easter Sunday

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GREGG TOWNSHIP -- With Easter only three days away, people are hopping to stores to buy candy. Many of them are choosing to support local candy shops.

Purity Candy has two locations in Union County and the owners say this is one of their busiest weeks of the year. The owners say Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are very busy and they are trying to keep up with the rush.

Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, and chocolate-covered pretzels fresh off the conveyor belt: all of these goodies are made fresh at Purity Candy near Allenwood and ready to go in Easter baskets. Plenty of people shopped for their loved ones.

"Looking for some eggs with names on, good things, goodies," Christie Fry said.

"We are looking for candy that is a little bit unusual, homemade, basically what I had when I was a kid," Linda Hart said.

Purity Candy has been in Union County for over 100 years and its president John Burfeindt says this is one of its busiest weeks of the year.

"We've been making for three months and it all comes down to this week," Burfeindt said.

Purity Candy makes chocolate bunnies in all shapes and sizes. Everything from 2.5 ounces to 75 pounds. So if you have an extra $400 lying around, this guy can be yours.

"That's the old standby. Everyone needs a chocolate bunny in their basket," Burfeindt said.

Many of the customers say they would rather come here for their Easter candy than the chain stores.

"I love individual shops that you can go to help people out who are trying to run their own shop," Fry said.

"The taste of it for one thing, for another thing, they are so unique and homemade and we can watch them making them in the back if we want to," Hart said.

Purity Candy is open on Saturday for all of the last-minute shoppers.

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