Cressona Mall Faces Foreclosure

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NORTH MANHEIM TOWNSHIP-- The Cressona Mall in Schuylkill County is facing some big money problems.

The shopping center near Schuylkill Haven could go into foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank filed a lawsuit against the Cressona Mall claiming it has defaulted on a multi-million dollar mortgage.

Some shoppers said that's surprising.

"I just never would have thought, it looks like it's thriving and there's no problems whatsoever. I would have never expected it," said Janalene Bensinger of Ashland.

Ann Freed said she likes shopping at the Cressona Mall, but noticed fewer people coming and more stores leaving after a drug store moved out a few years back.

"I think when CVS left, that was one of their anchor stores, I had a feeling," said Freed.

Many people said they don't know exactly what those foreclosure proceedings mean for the mall, but they like it the way it is and don't want to see things change.

"I hope somehow they can rescue them," said Freed.

Many shoppers don't think it's the mall's fault. Instead, they blame the economy and online shopping.

"There's people going on the internet and a lot of shopping through the internet, so I think the malls may be in trouble," said Bensinger.

Cressona Mall isn't the only mall with issues in Schuylkill County.

A few miles north on Route 61 near Frackville, Schuylkill Mall has lost two of its anchor stores: Sears and Kmart.

"'It seems like it's happening to all the malls around here, they're all closing, the Schuylkill Mall, there's pretty much going to be nothing left," said Mandy Galdi of Pottsville.

With more money issues and less shopping options, Gladi said there's only one thing to do: "move, I'm moving."

Newswatch 16 did talk to Cressona Mall management, they wouldn't go on camera and didn't discuss the foreclosure proceedings.

However, they did say the mall will remain open.

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