Update: Toddler Who Shot Himself Needs More Surgery

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MONTOURSVILLE -- A two-year-old boy in Lycoming County who got his hands on a loaded gun and shot himself is still in the hospital.

That toddler has already had one surgery and is expected to have a second.

In the meantime, Montoursville police are investigating why a loaded gun was left out in plain sight of a two-year-old boy while his mother and her fiance were in the shower.

Montoursville police say the loaded handgun was lying on the couple's bed Thursday and the two year old grabbed it, walked downstairs, and accidentally shot himself. The bullet went through his leg and is lodged in his back.

A Facebook photo from last June shows a boy identified as Zackary with his mother, Mandi Fry, and her fiancé, Cody Asher. Fry is pregnant and the caption reads: "Watch out boys you better run. It's a girl and Dad's got guns!"


Montoursville police say it was one of Asher's guns that little Zackary found on the couple's bed. The handgun was loaded and the boy ended up shooting himself while his mother and Asher were in the shower. Police say the bullet went into Zackary's leg and is lodged in his back.  Police believe the couple's other child, an infant girl, was in a crib when this happened.

The Montoursville police chief calls the situation "the poster incident of what not to do."

"It was a tragedy. It was terrible.  It was a hard lesson to be learned of what not to do. How you should handle a handgun and firearms in your house when you have small children," said Montoursville Police Chief Jeffrey Gyurina.

The gun in this case was a .45 caliber handgun.

"It's a large caliber handgun and a small child and he's just lucky to be alive," Gyurina said.

The chief said Asher and Fry both have gun permits.  According to Fry's Facebook page, Asher works as an electrician in the natural gas industry and Fry has a background in nursing. Neighbors say they moved in over the winter.  A neighbor who did not want to be identified says she thought of them as the all-American family. Now that neighbor says she has concerns.

"Me being a mom, I know I have no guns in my house and if I did I wouldn't have it somewhere loaded where a child could get it."

Police say Zackary is at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville waiting for a second surgery.  Lycoming County Children and Youth are investigating the case, but say the couple still has custody of their infant daughter.

The Montoursville police chief says charges against the couple are pending.


    • All in your perspective

      Crop Production Services? I don’t think the agriculture folks are concerned about this.

  • Ralphie

    Stupidity. Recklessness, but they won’t lose custody because it’s a gun issue. And recklessness with guns is untouchable! Btw, it’s only your ‘fiancé’ if you intend to get married.

  • anthrogirl

    We all wish that people would learn from the mistakes of others. But we’re losing about 1 child per day to gun shot wounds and countless others are shot and thankfully survive. But many of those lucky enough to survive often end up with lasting physical and emotional disabilities. With all those lessons, you’d think that people would get a clue and lock up their guns where kids don’t have access to the keys or combos. At some point, we’re going to have to require that people with kids in their homes lock up their guns and if they don’t or if accidents happen due to their negligence there should suffer mandated penalties of life time gun ban and jail time. Maybe that will help teach people to be more responsible gun owners, but dead kids, other people’s kids, aren’t doing it.

    • Vanna_L

      Yes, but how can you repel the big thugs who are going to bust down your door while you’re watching a quiet evening of Thug TV if you don’t have your Peacemaker locked, loaded, and ready to Defend close at hand? You put it in the gun cabinet and lock it up, you’re a [nickname for pudenda].

      • demandjustice

        I guess the answer to that is keep it ready but out of reach..a dog is a great warning system too, lights that go on triggered when someone gets on or around your property..

      • Vanna_L

        Yes, but if you don’t keep your piece near your trembly hand, the thugs might get the jump on you (they already have the jump on you, but let’s not interfere with anyone’s favorite Gun Fantasy) and you won’t be able to be a Hero.

      • demandjustice

        A year or so ago in the poconos some guy was just sitting in his living room watching TV and took one to the head from someone outside bent on putting the hurt on that family. Even if his piece was right there next to him wouldn’t have done him any good at all. We keep our dog IN at night, (so the dirt-bags don’t shoot the dog first!), not out and we have outside lights, you can only do the best you can do. There are two people I knew that keep their guns locked, loaded, right leaning up by their back doors…I don’t go in their homes anymore..what if the darn thing got knocked over?

    • All in your perspective

      According to 2013 CDC data for the ages birth to 24, there were 176 fatalities in the US due to accidental discharge of firearms. Homicide with firearm: 5,225, with the age group of 15-24 making up 4,329 of that number. By comparison, there were 266 fatalities due to falls, a whopping 1126 due to drowning, and 8,392 due to motor vehicle accidents. By all means weapons of any kind must not be accessible to unauthorized users, but let’s not forget what is REALLY killing our children.

  • infowars.com

    part of the plan to take American guns ,,,motive to bring down the Great country of America….get people brainwashed against guns….vidio proof youtube…….why do you think all this stuff just started to happen over night….money is bribe ….for lies…..look up fake sandy hook….

    • demandjustice

      “why do you think all this stuff just started to happen over night” There have always been crazy people with guns, that’s nothing new. Are you suggesting there are people out there shooting innocent people on purpose, or getting people shot thru carelessness just so our guns can be removed from our homes? What exactly are you referring to?

    • TerryM

      Yes, that two year old is part of a vast conspiracy to take away your guns, as was the toddler who killed his mom in a walmart and of course the 6 year old who shot and killed his 4 year old brother. There’s a whole slew of them and they have secret meetings telepathically through Dora the Explorer cartoons. Toddlers are so precocious today. .

    • Valfreyja

      Oh look: A pot head who’s questionable extra legal activities have damaged his brain chemistry is paranoid and has drawn entirely skewed conclusions based on objectively verifiable LIES from a web site that is about selling things to scared people. Like Fox News.

      I’ve seen some stupid stuff on WNEP, from both the network and the high function hicks of this state, but this is among the funniest.

  • demandjustice

    To all the sanctimonious enablers YOU get a grip! People aren’t judging, they’re calling as they see it and now it’s our fault it looks that way? You don’t like what you see, don’t read the comments here. It is what it is. Yes we all know you cannot watch them every nano-second, but you DON’T take a shower with a two year old running around and an infant in the house with no one keeping an eye on them! DUH! Lots of parents work, have education, etc… and some of them are neglectful even abusive so wherein lies your arguments? It’s BECAUSE of people like you that ignorance is bliss to the ignorant and hell for the rest of us and that little boy!!

  • Mike

    Really hope the child makes a full recovery, but why is the reporter holding an automatic w/ a cocked hammer and a mag in it?

  • Karen

    Ok, folks. Let’s just get a grip here. Yes, a terrible accident; child was shot due to a handgun left out. 1. These “kids” are employed. 2. Perhaps one was in the shower & the other got in too thinking child was asleep? 3. What makes these parents any more irresponsible than those who have a pool? How many news reports have there been about toddlers found at the bottom of a pool? Several stories in the news in past years many family members have been around and all of a sudden discover the toddler missing. Those incidents were reported as a terrible tragedy which indeed they were. Toddlers are quick and what they may not know how to do one day, such as climb up on the bed, they are able to do the next.
    My final comment is the news showed the photo from FB with the gun when the young man was making reference to his fiancee having a girl. I have heard many a person joke about how a dad “better get a gun” and ” keep her locked up” when talking about daughters. They didn’t bother to show any other photos from FB showing all the family times this couple shares with the children.
    Bottom line: The gun should have been locked up and not left out. A very hard lesson learned from a horrible moment of irresponsibility.

    • Valfreyja

      How contrarian do you have to be to defend pathological morons who leave loaded weapons where kids can reach? Get help. These people are unfit parents. You don’t get to make the “I got my child SHOT” mistake.

    • bringmeaning

      A swimming pool is not designed to kill people, a gun is. One of the biggest problems with the “guns are just tools” argument is that it intentionally denies the fact that guns can kill instantly. Despite the paranoia pushed by the NRA and gun manufacturers, guns as a “tool” are not necessary for most of us in our daily lives, the way that cars or even knives are (try making dinner without a knife, and try killing someone from 20 feet away with a knife if you still insist a gun is just a tool like any other tool). Guns are inherently dangerous, and parents who leave them out where children can get them should be prosecuted for negligence. It’s the only effective way to save children’s lives.

  • Deanna

    So I am 21 and as a mother I know as well as my husband that our guns have a place.to be stored. Also it take two to tango…. not to shower.

  • none of your bussiness

    Lets not make this about what the parents did or didnt do…were they wrong for leaving a loaded handgun in reach of a baby? Absolutly yes…lets just take a moment to prey that this angel makes it thru his next surgery. He didnt deserve this as any child wouldnt…there is no such thing as a perfect parent bc nobody is perfect! So maybe everyone should stop being ignorant and stop the rude discusting comments. My prayers go out to Zack and his family ❤❤❤

    • demandjustice

      “lets just take a moment to prey that this angel makes it thru his next surgery,” you meant “pray,” prey is the food of predators, or victims of criminals..

    • Valfreyja

      Right? Let’s just gloss over that they left deadly weapons where kids could reach and do some good ol fashioned praying. That’ll make it all better.Your “god” didn’t protect that child from his neglectful parents. It’s too late for prayers.

      • demandjustice

        I hear you, and it’s always hard to take when innocents become victims of evil or carelessness. Hopefully our prayers will be answered and this little guy will heal and be cared for by more responsible people in his family. I feel for that little girl tho. What happens here on earth is tangible and important and can be joyful and painful all at once, but this is not all there is to it all.

  • look in the mirror

    To all the sanctimonious, holy-than-thou crowd condemning these two – how would your life look under a microscope and on public display? Your home, your employment, everything, put out for everyone to see and comment on? Yes, he made a grave mistake with a firearm and should face the consequences to the fullest extent of the law, But it sounds like both them still work for a living, so cut them a break there. The refrigerator in the yard – watch the video again – they just moved in. Maybe it’s the responsibility of the landlord to take care of. Not condoning what happened, just asking all the snarky commentators to look in the mirror. Doesn’t look much better, does it?

    • demandjustice

      “just asking all the snarky commentators to look in the mirror. Doesn’t look much better, does it?” Says you, not the rest of us. Most of us wouldn’t leave a loaded gun out laying around for a two year old to get at…wandering around the house unsupervised no less..

      • Armed because I can be

        No Shiite, DEMANDJUSTICE. No one is disputing what a bonehead move it was leaving a firearm out for little Timmy to get into. Do you have kids? Please tell me that you watched them every second of every day to make sure the didn’t get into anything? Give me a break.

    • Lucy

      “The refrigerator in the yard – watch the video again – they just moved in. Maybe it’s the responsibility of the landlord to take care of.” That’s just the attitude that creates problems such as this. No matter that the unattended refrigerator is a life threatening situation to the child…I’ll just sit back and let the landlord deal with it because it’s his responsibility.

      • demandjustice

        I hear you. The snarky remarks are the ones coming from people trying to justify why their friend(s) or family members pulled a stupid stunt like this. And yes, there are these in every family no doubt; there’s always someone we have to make an excuse for; OR we can all own up to it and say yes, this was a careless tragedy we are devasted it happend please keep us in your prayers. Do you remember that guy goofing around with a gun who killed his little newphew? All the excuses people made for him? Never mind that little boy was dead because someone was hell bent on being an idiot. Breaks the heart.

    • Chub a

      Does my life look better than that of someone who left a loaded gun out and got a child shot and hospitalized? Why yes, yes it does.

      • Armed because I can be

        LUCY, DEMANDJUSTICE, and CHUB A should go out for dinner some time and exchange stories about how great they all are and how society should be just like them. Get a room.

  • Perry Mason

    Check out the video on the story. As the cop is walking in the house you can see an abandoned refrigerator in the yard in front of the porch. A well known death trap for young kids. Those doors are supposed to be removed when the refrigerator leaves the house. The unattended gun wasn’t the only problem at this place.

  • Jack da Ripper

    These are kids they look 19 tops and have firearms, and 2 kids. My tax dollars at work america.

    • Kay

      The mother has her bachelor’s in nursing. You’re tax dollars aren’t spent on anything for this couple.

      • Mmm hmmmm

        Having an education doesn’t mean they aren’t white trash scum. What more could you expect from Montoursville? That whole place should be leveled and turned into a giant parking lot for target.

      • demandjustice

        So what? There are no bad cops, bad doctors, bad preachers, bad teachers, bad parents, bad in all walks of life as well as good. I know plenty of bad people with college degrees and license to kill.

      • Kay

        My point wasn’t that she isn’t an idiot and incapable mother. My point was they’re not living off the system or children. She’s an adult and has a good job and supports herself. Do I think she deserves to keep her children? Hell to the no. He needs to be placed with his father and their baby girl should be placed with someone responsible.

      • Valfreyja

        @Kay: Pretty sure getting your kid shot due to neglect and horrid safety practices with deadly weapons is the very DEFINITION of the term “incapable mother”. Degree or not, there are some mistakes you don’t get to make. Bullets in children is one of them,.

      • karl

        There are plenty of degreed, gun-loving morons running around this country. Having a “degree” doesn’t instantly make you less of a moron.

  • Jack da Ripper

    I say lets shoot the father in the leg, IDIOT. If he cared about the kid he would have been watching him, not upstairs trying to make twins. This is what gives peopl with firearms in there homes a bad name. They should take and destroy all weapons they own.

    • demandjustice

      This wasn’t the child’s father, it was the mother’s boyfriend..as in you know a mother..

  • Not good 4 u

    It’s more about being supervised! Instead of this guy and girl breeding in the shower they should’ve been watching the kid, just a few years back a couple kids wondered in to a neighbors pool and drowned and guess what no gun was involved and they still died! See it’s lack of supervision!

  • really?

    And I quote, ” An all American family!” What a crock, which trailer park did these trash move into? Must be a meth head neighbor who also believes she’s Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the nighttime. Love the quote too, “Dad’s got guns!” Dad’s got guns because he is 110 lbs soaking wet and by the looks of him, he’s a flat out scumbag. In the shower, uhhhh, red head fire bush, “Vagiclean aisle 9!” I wouldn’t touch that nasty yeast infested welfware case with a 10 foot pole, god bless him knocking up that winner not once or twice, but three times! Welcome to America! You can make this stuff up!

    • demandjustice

      Dude, you don’t know what you’re even talking about. You’re crude, crass, nasty, and way off base. Yes these two were careless and negligent but it has nothing to do with their employment or education which they both have; it has to do with some kind of lack of common sense. Einstein was a genius but when it came to social norms he was a moron.

      • evilnan

        I bet Einstein would know better than to leave a loaded gun out with a toddler running around.
        Genius or social moron makes no difference in common sense.

  • Castoff idiot

    Oh how wrong some of the ill informed are! Thank goodness he’s ok it’s just unfortunate his idiot parents would leave a gun where he could molest it. They should have their permits revoked as this clearly shows hoe irresponsible they are. On the same note goodforyou I’m a firm believer in guns as when a crook knows a house is well defended they tend to go to peoples places like yours where they have easy victims. It’s not the guns fault here it’s the parents fault

  • Riley

    Omg! This situation makes me so mad. I hope that they are so very embarrassed and ashamed of themselves. How irresponsible!

  • good for you

    This family has angels watching over them. Thank god the little man survived but also that he did not accidentally shoot his little sister.

  • good for you

    Gun toters = backwood red necks. Violence is not the answer. Stop living on fear and live on faith. A loaded gun in a nightstand drawer is not going to help once an armed intruder has a barrel of a gun or a blade of a knife pointed at your throat. Guns are accidents waiting to happen and i do not care how many times and ways you wanna spin it. Everyone has an answer. Leave it loaded, put up outta reach. Leave it loaded in a nightstand, leave it unloaded in a gun safe. Then ya wanna spin it and say “well my child knows never to touch my gun”. That is like drinking a bottle of vodka and expecting to not get drunk, but you take the chance anyways. Protection or sport or vengence to kill, someone always messes up. Or it gets in the hands of the wrong person. Murphy’s law.

    • demandjustice

      Guntoters = drug-dealing-gang-banging-droopy-drawed-urban-gangsta-thugs too! It’s not about where you’re from it’s about who you are! We have a right to bear arms and arms I will bear! It’s about being an intelligent and responsible human being! With or without one’s gun! A two-year old roaming around the house unsupervised can get into plenty of mess with out a gun in the picture!

    • look in the mirror

      Since you’re so into living on faith ‘Good’, why don’t you publish your address and let everyone know that you are unarmed and have no way to defend yourself. Even the Lord himself knew better than to put God to a foolish test. As far as I can remember, there was always a rifle or shotgun hanging on the rack in the den, a handgun in a night stand or dresser drawer, and nothing ever happened. Imagine that. You live the way you want to, we’ll be there to protect ourselves and loved ones, and if you’re lucky, maybe you too. Otherwise, you’re on your own. Oh, backwoods redneck? Masters degree, work for a Fortune 500 company, wife is a pharmacist. Want to continue?

  • Brooke

    Please just keep this little boy and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Remember, these pictures are not of his father, who is very much in his life. The whole family is suffering and fearing for the child.

    • demandjustice

      You’re right, and we would all to well to remember that when parents are not together we cannot always control the element that our children are around. This is heartbreaking and I hope his dad will be awarded FULL custody. I fear for that little girl! Anyone who would award this boy back in his mother’s not-care is brain damaged.

  • Johnson

    This is just horrible. Yeah guns are cool buddy. Glad you bought that hand gun now? Just American idiots. They have to maintain that country boy culture and listen to their right wing/Budweiser advertisements they call music.

    • demandjustice

      Like the far-left ghetto thugs with their droopy-drawers an nasty rap music about using and abusing women and killing cops are worth an nickel?! Not all conservatives are trailer trash, not all dems are thugs. There’s a happy place in the middle. This is just another case of some kind of crazy irresponsibility on their part! Gun not withstanding, how do you leave a 2 year old unsupervised unless you’re a bona-fide idiot?

    • good for you

      Amen to that. Demented back wards attitudes. And then they act so proud sporting a picture like that. Already promoting violence to that kid

  • demandjustice

    So you two fools were in the shower together while your two-year-old was roaming around the house unsupervised with a loaded gun sitting on the bed?
    “but say the couple still has custody of their infant daughter.” yeah great.

    • Donald McKenna

      It depends. If it was a double action revolver, absolutely not. Unless the child was mini Hercules. If the pistol was a semiautomatic (most likely) that was left cocked and the safety was off, then it’s entirely possible. I’m also going to go out on a limb and hazard a guess that the pistol is a Hi Point. They don’t appear to me to be the type to drop $800 for a Colt or $500 for a Glock…

  • nej

    Kids having kids they look like teenagers and to have 2 of them yet. They are still unable to grow up,who leaves a gun just laying on the bed geez where are some peoples brains. Take the children away from them.

  • pay back

    Anytime guns are involved cops are all over it. Charges,fines, child indangerment and possible jail. When cops pull a stupid gun accident it’s just a bad mistake and we’re looking into it to make sure it won’t happen again .was very careless on the mother’s part non the less

    • Dave

      Idiots that blame inanimate objects are all over the place. This was very poor judgement on the part of the parents. Loaded firearms need to be secured at all times either on or with the proper person or locked up no exception. Also never a bad time to teach children safety around firearms. It is a bad time after something bad happens,

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