Lackawanna County 911 Dispatcher Hailed For Helping Save Baby

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SCRANTON---An emergency dispatcher at the Lackawanna County Public Safety Center is being hailed as a hero for helping save a baby's life.

Dane Sorensen has been working at the Lackawanna County 911 center for about five months.

He has taken a lot of emergency calls, but last week, he got a call he will never forget.

"She told me the baby went unresponsive and stopped breathing and having a 9-month-old at home, instantly I start thinking of him, I started to get personal. I start thinking this going to be the worst call I've ever taken but at that point all my training started kicking," said Sorensen.

With the thought of his own baby in the back of his mind, Sorensen talked the woman through infant CPR.

He said, thankfully, the baby responded.

"Right before EMS and police units arrived on scene, the baby started breathing, she said the stomach was starting to rise and he was getting his color back. It was the best feeling ever, it's fulfilling, you don't get closure like that very often it's very uplifting," he said.

Sorensen credited his co-workers with helping him through the difficult call.

"If you don't have the family and structure here, then you're not going to be able to get through those difficult calls," said Sorensen.

"It's kind of a big family here, you know someone gets jammed up, there's always someone there," said fellow dispatcher Stephen Griffiths.

Sorensen served in the Army for about seven years. He is in the National Guard and currently at the Lackawanna College Police Academy.

He said he loves to help people and is so grateful he gets that chance.

"It justifies my existence here in the 911 center. It justifies why I come to work every single day and why I have a smile on my face," said Sorensen.


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