Police: Toddler Shot Himself in Montoursville

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MONTOURSVILLE -- Police in Montoursville say a two-year-old boy shot himself in the leg with a handgun at his mother's home Thursday afternoon.

It happened at a house on Broad Street. Investigators said the boy was watching cartoons downstairs while his mother and her fiance were upstairs showering.

At some point, police said the child went upstairs into a bedroom, grabbed a loaded .45 caliber handgun and took it downstairs where he then shot himself in the leg.

"Cop came in pulled out a little kid. His pants were down. Couldn't tell what was wrong at all, couldn't see blood at all. Knew something was wrong because the kid was completely limp," said Joshua Plocinski of Montoursville.

People living in the neighborhood were shocked to hear what happened.

"Amazed that something like this could happen so close to me. A two year old, it's sad. Makes me want to cry," said one woman who lives nearby.

Nicole Phillips has four children, including a two-year-old boy.

She lives just a few houses down from where the shooting happened.

"It's very scary that a two year old could get a hold of a gun like that. Gun safety should be taken into consideration a little bit more when you have a small child in your home," said Phillips.

Montoursville police said the investigation into what happened continues. There is a possibility the couple may be facing criminal charges.

"It's not unlike for the adults to be upstairs because when you're in your own home, you think it's safe enough to leave them while you run upstairs or whatever, but when you have a gun in the house, you have to keep it locked and certainly, not loaded," said Phillips.

Police said the boy who shot himself is expected to survive. They also said an infant was also living in the home where the shooting occurred.


  • Show me da money

    It’s to bad the youngster didn’t shoot the dirty dopeheads as they were exiting the shower

  • Common sense is becoming extinct

    Who in their right mind leaves a toddler alone for that long? And why was a loaded gun left in an area accessible by said toddler? I don’t have anything against them having a gun, that’s your right as an American citizen…but being this careless and irresponsible about leaving it loaded and unattended along with an unattended toddler who’s at the age of walking and exploring? That’s when you should lose that right. The mother and fiancé should at least be held accountable for negligence and endangering the child’s life…because that’s exactly what they did…which this accident proves. Any number of things could have happened while they were doing whatever it was they were doing. The kid could have put something in their mouth and choked to death. They could have found a chemical jar and died from poisoning. They’re lucky they’re not planning a funeral right now.

    • Jay

      The article doesn’t objectively state how long the children were unattended, for all we know it could have only been a few minutes. Instead they chose to sensationalize the story with the co-showering description. The real problem I see here is that the home clearly wasn’t a secure place for toddlers vis-a-vis an unsecured firearm.

  • IDIOTS!!!!

    Only people with special training should be allowed to have guns and only if its needed for work they are dangerous and shouldn’t be used for recreation!

    • MisterPL

      The same people who sarcastically suggest banning cars (because people die in auto accidents) when others want stricter gun control are the ones who downvoted you. They’ll get learner’s permits, take driving lessons, go through the hassle of a written exam and a road test to be able to drive a car but GOD FORBID anyone expects them to do the same with a firearm.

      And this is the kind of result you get; a toddler with a bullet wound.

  • Danielle

    There are soon many things wrong with this!!
    1. A 2 year old and infant should not be left unattended! Especially when 2 adults are within the home. It’s dangerous, and disgusting, that not only a 2 year old, but a infant were left alone because pulling her pants down was more important than her children.

    I an married with children, and if my children are awake it’s called a ” off zone” Nothing ever happens between my husband and I when children are awake because we have our priorities straight.

    2. What The hell was the gun doing where the 2 year old could reach it? Why is there not a baby gate stopping the toddler from climbing the stairs?? How long were momma and her boyfriend ” showering” because obviously they weren’t caring about anything but themselves!

    These children need to be removed and the mother and boyfriend should be charged. Thank goodness the toddler is going to be okay.

  • noneyo

    That’s beyond irresponsible I hope for the safety of this babies that the parents are pit in jail and not given a slap on the wrist. I have 3 kids under 5 I would never leave a gun around them period. If your gonna leave a kid alone even for a few minutes put them in a play pen or crib.

    • Danielle

      How about not go get your nookie on with a curious 2 year old awake too. Where were the gates so the child wouldn’t fall down stairs? ?
      As a responsible parent I want to smack these people into the next state.

    • Danielle

      Because there were 2 adults in the home at the time the 2 year old and infant were left unattended. The reason no adult was watching them is pertinent.

      The fact that 2 adults were showering together while a baby was awake is child abuse.

    • tiredofdepravity

      It’s a relevant point in the story in order to prove negligence on the part of the parents. The child was left unattended because they showered together and the child got a hold of an unsecured firearm because he wasn’t being attended to as a two-year old should be..got it?

    • Jay

      It’s unreasonable for a parent to be watching their toddler every second of their ever waking hour when they’re in the security of their own house. For Pete’s sake, I’m a perfectly responsible parent with two toddlers, but I have to use the bathroom at least a few times a day. The real problem here is that the house simply wasn’t a secure place for toddlers.

  • me

    I am a gun owner with children, and the parents should be charged!!!! That’s no respect for safety. or child welfare!!!!

  • Flandre

    Toddlers in house = locked up gun
    they sell biometric little lockboxes that you can screw in to your nightstand for under 100 bucks at Dicks, i mean come on. And even if you dont want to buy one, at least keep the gun unloaded.

    • My Dog Is Smarter Than You

      You and I know that but the NRA crowd buys into the garbage that criminals are just seconds away from kicking in your door. You need to have your gun locked and loaded on the nightstand or end table. Put them in a locked gun safe with

  • Showertime

    So no reaction to the part about the mother and her fiance were upstairs showering while the kid was watching cartoons? They’re up in the shower together while the kid is playing with a loaded gun?

    • Valfreyja

      Why should there be a reaction to that? Parents scurry off for a few minutes all the time. The story isn’t that they were showering, it’s that the irresponsible dolts left a loaded gun where a child could reach. And given the brevity of the scenario I’d guess that weapon is left in plain sight all the time as the kid apparently knew just where to go to find a curious “toy”. This is reprehensible.

    • Get Real

      How many times do we have to hear of bad incidents involving “mothers and their BOYFRIENDS” and the mothers’ child? In many cases these guys have no emotional attachment to these children and look upon them as rivals for the girlfriends attention. Wake up girls!

      • James Sheffield

        Well stated. I’m a single guy and I refuse to date any woman with children. Not my child = not my responsibility. Probably why I’m still single LOL. Any single women my age have kids.

    • Todd Reeder

      In cases like this how many times do the adults have a criminal record? Such as drug dealing. How many of these cases involve someone having a gun for protection from retaliation?

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