Williamsport Ranked 7th Best Place for Single Millennial Women

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WILLIAMSPORT -- If you're a single woman looking for a date, you might want to try Williamsport. An online dating advice website used information from the United State Census to build a list of the best places for single, millennial women to live.

Living single in any city isn't always what women expect it to be, especially if you're used to watching Carrie Bradshaw and the extravagant story lines on "Sex in the City" reruns.

“I feel like a lot of people are already taken here, too. So that's why I don't know," said Louanna Bragalone.

A group of women, mostly married or dating, broke a sweat at the YMCA on Walnut Street in Williamsport. Louanna Bragalone is single. She lives in Williamsport.

"I don't know why someone single would want to live here if they were looking for somebody."

Bragalone may not think so, but a dating advice website says women between 18 and 34 may have good luck finding a love interest in Williamsport.

"Shocking. Surprising," said Bragalone.

"I don't agree just because I haven't had any luck yet finding anyone," said Jen Sabins from Montgomery.

The dating advice site used a survey from the U.S. Census to build a list of the top 19 best small cities for single millennial women. The site says there are nearly 2,300 more men than women in Williamsport. That's why it ranked the city No. 7 on its list.

"I mean I'll definitely keep my eye out now," said Sabins.

The singles Newswatch 16 spoke with say there is plenty to do in the city to keep you busy, like seeing a show at the Community Arts Center or getting a bite to eat at the Bullfrog Brewery.

"There are a lot of guys that the oil field attracts, a lot of transient labor,” said David Bowlan.

By noon time the Bullfrog was filled with mostly men. David Bowlan stopped by the restaurant for lunch with friends. He's happily married, but says he knows plenty of single men who work in the natural gas industry.

"They're making really good money and if they are single they got pockets full of cash to spend,” said Bowlan.

As for some of the women at the YMCA, they say right now they're just happy being single in this city.



  • Ben

    That’s right ladies! If you’re in the market for unskilled, transient love- come endure the crime rate! You can be one of a Louisiana oil worker’s 4 girlfriends!
    Hurry though! They won’t be in town long! The wells are almost capped!

  • Mike

    If this were TheOnion…
    “Williamsport Ranked 7th Best Place for Single Millennial Women to be Raped and Killed”

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