Rockwell Avenue Bridge Work Stopped

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SCRANTON -- Work on the Rockwell Avenue bridge project in Scranton has been suspended.

DEP tells us crews found a petroleum-based substance along the banks of Leggett's Creek near the construction site.

The city is working with PennDOT and DEP to resolve the issue.

The old bridge closed in 2012 because of flood damage. Construction on the new bridge started in January.

The entire project is scheduled to wrap up in October.

There is no word how this temporary suspension will impact construction.



    Surprise surprise!
    Because of these “enviormental issues”, it will take 7 years to fix a bridge that can be fixed within 6 months.

    • The Karate Kid Boo

      I couldnt agree more! We should have no environmental rules at all! Zero. Then people like you could ruin the world even more than you already have by polluting streams, poisoning the air, and destroying the soil! Honestly, why have any laws at all!

  • Idiotsmakemelaugh

    Go figure they buried about everything back in the days when our grandparents and their parents ruined Mother Earth and left us scratching our heads with a big mess but oh well we can blame it on the natural gas industry now!

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