Parents Drown Out Cruelty on Burnbook App

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COVINGTON TOWNSHIP -- After students in our area were targeted on the social media app Burnbook, some parents started posting positive messages.

Newswatch 16 first told you about the controversial smart phone app last week.

Things got so bad at North Pocono High School that the district appealed to parents over the weekend to talk to their children about the cruel things posted on Burnbook.

Since then, parents have taken the initiative to drown out the bullies and be cheerleaders for their kids.

These days, when students leave school much of the nastiness and harassment goes with them across social media. Especially now that Burnbook, an app for smartphones, lets kids anonymously post mean things about people in their immediate area.

North Pocono Superintendent Bryan McGraw said it seems like there's always some new way for students to go negative.

"These anonymous posts are even more difficult to address because it's hard to trace who's doing these things and it causes disruption to school day," said McGraw.

In the weeks since Burnbook started making things very difficult for students, teachers, and staff at North Pocono, moms have taken to the app putting out messages like, "Hope your day is filled with light and love! Love, an NP mom."

"If parents aren't afraid to act, we'll take it over," said Linda Reid of Madison Township. "Life is tough enough. Be kind to each other."

That's exactly what North Pocono High School's Burnbook looks like now; mainly parents posting encouraging things.

Some couldn't believe the negativity the social media app instigated in this school district in the Moscow area.

"Whoever invented that should be locked up," said Kathy Filer who drives a van for the school district. "It's bad enough you can get bullied in hallways, now all you got to do is sit at home and you get bullied, too."

"I believe it's a good thing to take a negative into a positive to get kids away from bullying and nonsense that they have to go through every day in school," said Greg Loposky of Moscow.

The parental takeover of Burnbook in North Pocono has also spread to other school districts including Dunmore and Valley View.

"The louder the community speaks and parents object to it, the more those companies will get the message and say we can't do this. We need to have a positive society, not a negative one," added McGraw.

As of now, the company behind the app claims it's not for bullying or harassing fellow students, but the name came from the movie "Mean Girls" where that was exactly what a "burn book" was used for.


  • Molly

    Dallas School District had a meeting about it and now other schools are coming to post on the Burn Book for Dallas because since the meeting all the students are saying nice things.

  • christy

    Raise your kids not to be whimpy about it! Are you kidding me. here let me give you a senario, my daughter walks into the classroom and everyone starts giggleing and staring at her, then as she is sitting there trying to pay attention to the teacher there are people whispering and joking about her. How do you get through that in middle school every day you go to school its the same thing. I talk to my kids about it. They will not respond to any of it, but after dealing with it for so long they developed insecurities about themselves.

  • Jeff Bensley

    We’ve become too thin skinned. There’s no real way to combat people being mean in an open society, but we can
    raise our kids to not be so wimpy about it.

    • Cassandra

      Stop Blaming an App: I am all around concerned that adults don’t understand that an app cannot in and of itself be evil. Indeed, no more than being in a garage makes you a car or being in a church makes you a christian. The app has so many positive features and has been a blessing to my high school age son. Unstable kids, like those who post threats, ought to be exposed. Why dig our heads in the sand and live in a fantasy world?

  • Kathleen Quinn-Farber

    And if parents are anywhere like they are in MY town, the haggling and immaturity is going to be just as bad between THEM! The crap I see just on Facebook between supposed adults is disgusting.

  • Kathleen Quinn-Farber

    Maybe kids should just stay off social media. Why are kids that are being bullied even looking at this site. What are all the bulliers gonna do if no one is reading their asinine crap? Make some rules in your home abt social media for crying out loud.


      I have a 12 yr old son, and a 14 yr old daughter.
      Neither belong to ANY kind of social media.
      This crap everyone is talking about does not seem to be a problem in my house.
      Yep, keep letting your kids lives be run by social media. It’s the parents fault, not the kids ! !

      • Tammy

        It’s not only In social media it’s everywhere. No kids should not be on social media but how do you stop it when it’s in the school face to face everyday. Yes it is the parents fault but for teaching their children to disrespect others

  • Bullying Must Stop

    North Pocono has a severe bully problem and has for years. I’ve had to move my son to private school, at great expense and sacrifice, to finally break the bullying. Administration hangs all the cool anti-bullying banners and such but that is as far as it goes. Principals don’t want to be bothered, teachers could care less, and the counselor are overwhelmed. I love living in the NP area, too bad the school is a social nightmare.

    • Jay

      Why do you feel a service should be shut down simply because the users cannot control themselves. Several of the other people who have commented have the right idea, teach your kids how to speak to other people and how to deflect meaningless insults. Reality does not molly coddle you you have to learn to deal with it, ignore it, or if you can’t do either don’t get involved with it. We have free speech, but we also have a responsibility for what we say and we’re willing to listen to. If you don’t like whats being said don’t listen to it

      • Tammy

        Jay I understand things should just be ignored however when it is a constant thing every single day for a year and a half it starts to get to you especially at 14. I don’t think an app should be shut down but I do think people need to start respecting others feelings because until the bullies are in that persons shoes they shouldn’t say anything at all.

  • christy

    This burn book should be shut down. I have been dealing with my daughter getting bullied at school in North Pocono all school year. It is so bad her grades dropped and I had to sign her into counceling. After just learning about this burn book last week I decided to check it out myself. To my surprise there was a lot about my daughter. It is ddisgraceful. We need to do something about the constant bullying in our schools and in social media before we loose anymore. Children to suicide because of it. My daughter is in the middle school I asked the assistant principle if I could get together with the children bullying my daughter and I was denied. It is so bad she wants to be home schooled she cries every night before bed begging me not to send her to school.

    • melin2011

      Homeschool her then, for goodness sake, she doesn’t sound equipped to handle what goes on in school. Be honest and help her out because you cannot change the world.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    When I was little, my grandmother told me about sticks and stone. She also to me about rubber and glue.

    You know what? She was right.

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