Man Sentenced for Possessing Child Pornography

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PLYMOUTH -- A man from Luzerne county was sentenced Tuesday for possessing child pornography.

Mark Stout of Kingston was sentenced to seven and a half  to 15 years in prison.

Officers say Stout admitted downloading child porn when they arrested him in 2013.

At the time, he told police it was "an interesting thing to look at."


  • TiglathPhilizar

    Lets tell it by the numbers. This man will most likely spend 9yrs in prison at a cost of between $35 and $45 THOUSAND dollars a year. So lets say it cost $40,000.00/ yr. and he is there 9yrs that is a total of $360,000.00 because he physically hurt someone? NO…. Because he robbed a store? NO………. He Robbed a bank? NO…….He had a armed weapon?…….NO……….He looked at images. He what? He looked at images. The taxpayers are going to fork out $360 THOUSAND dollars to house an individual that had, NO victim, has Hurt NO person, has caused NO harm. David Finkelhor, a sociologist who directs the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, sees the moral weight of the Supreme Court’s proclamation on CP, but not the empirical proof. “The evidence doesn’t yet tell us to what extent the experience of being a pornography victim aggravates the experience of the sexual abuse itself,”.

    According to Kitty Wolf of someone is being arrested every hour of the day for CP somewhere in the USA. In 2012 there were 2,025 arrested by federal agents; I’m told there is an equal amount at state level. Of those 2025 arrested for CP, 1291 plead guilty at a total cost of $516,400,000 dollars/yr. for looking at IMAGES and nothing more and because CP is the ultimate indictment where constitutional rights are eliminated and NO defense is allowed, 3 plead nolo and 25 were convicted by jury. The remaining 706 lost everything and did nothing wrong; there lives were utterly destroyed. How absurd is this? Billions are being spent to house people for looking at images in a nation that is allegedly BROKE while other just have their lives destroyed and left financially ruined.

  • sickofitall

    There have been so many of these sickos caught lately and thank goodness for that! It’s so scary that there are so many! And thank you law enforcement for placing priority on this! I always think of the poor little souls who are in these movies, and what happens to them…where are they? The creeps who are watching this stuff are caught with it, but we never hear about the monsters who are doing the act of filming the movies. Are they ever caught? Also, I wonder if anybody else ever made the connection between child obesity and all the perverts out there being the reason parents can’t let their kids run around outside freely and get the exercise and fresh air they need. There is a direct line here – It’s not safe for kids to play outside without parental supervision! Expecting the worst has even become the “accepted norm” by the law because parents are now being arrested for allowing their kids to play outside alone. So this is what it’s come to. Very sad and unfortunate.

    • Justify

      I know right? Isn’t it comforting to know that there are creepers like this lurking in our communities?! Well there’s one off the street, thank you law enforcement and a judge willing to get him off the street and his computer. What’s really needed is a way to stop this stuff from streaming on the internet but don’t know if that’s possible. At least they can track when and where it is streaming. Whoever makes these movies should choke on manure, I would imagine they’re not made from this country and if so it should be tracked if possible.

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