Fire Company to Sell Sole Firetruck to Help Pay off Debt

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WYOMING -- Wyoming Fire Hose Company No. 1 posted a photo of a fire rescue vehicle online. It hopes to sell the vehicle for $50,000. It plans to use the money to help pay back an almost $220,000 lien the IRS filed against it last year. If it's sold, the fire company would be without a firetruck.

But it's a different story for Wyoming Borough's Volunteer Hose Company No. 2, which sits about five blocks away from No. 1.

“Over the years, it's been good. People really do support us,” said Donald Robbins, a firefighter with No. 2.

Robbins added the fire department generates revenue by holding several annual fundraisers, offering catering, and even has a bar inside.

“That's the only way we get our money, is through donations and fundraising and going for state grants,” Robbins said.

Those efforts are paying off. No. 2 will build a new fire station after it demolishes its current one over the next couple weeks.

Meanwhile, officials from No. 1 would not talk to Newswatch 16 on camera and wouldn't answer if the sale of its equipment meant it would be out of the red. But the fire company says it has paid off most of the lien.


  • My Dog Is Smarter Than You

    Okay, what’s wrong with this story? I studied the “old” math so bear with me. Hose Company #1 owes $220,000.00 to the IRS. They are selling their fire truck for $50,000.00. WNEP has to speculate if the sale will put them in the black? Even my “old” math says they will still owe $170,000.00. Maybe they can sell it to #2 and merge together? Wyoming isn’t that big. Just a thought.

    • Your Dog Ain't Too Bright

      “But the fire company says it has paid off most of the lien”. Obviously they must have made payments on the lien prior to selling the truck.

    • insider

      The IRS wanted 50k to eliminate the debt wyoming #1 had. They sold there engine for around 150k. So technically they are done with the IRS . Now there in the process of coming back and potentially merging with wyoming #2. they might not have an Engine or Resuce but Wyoming #2 has an engine and the surrounding communities help out alot. I personally think someone is responsible for money loss but who knows. Right now there paying off all debt and starting fresh which will take awhile.

  • concernedc citicen

    It’s amazing how they have an ambulance that generates most of the money for the department, and other investments. They also get money from donations/drives each year. Something’s up, and let’s hope whoever has their hand in the cookie jar gets caught!

    • Firefighter

      Believe it or not, you don’t get as much money from an ambulance service as you think. Not after restocking supplies, paying whatever bills they have (electric, water, ect.) , plus equipment upkeep on both rigs. That rescue is an old rig and probably needs a lot of attention.

  • jake

    Why wouldn’t officials talk to wnep. What are they stupid? Talk to the public and ask for help. You don’t sell your only truck. What are going to go to the fire on bicycles?

    • Adam

      1 they were most likely told not to talk about it and 2 they have a wonderful crew just a few blocks down the woad with a fully working fire truck and also have help from West Wyoming Exeter and West Pittstion so please don’t post unless you get the full story i love my town and hope they can get back up on there feet asap.

      • really.....

        Because the individual that has a “CPA” dealt with payroll and well, she didn’t do the taxes and all that wonderful stuff…. But shes in the clear though somehow… Wonder how… *ehem*

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