Bronson Pinchot Owes Thousands on Susquehanna County Properties

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HARFORD -- It's not too often a post office is up for sheriff's sale, but in this case, this post office in Susquehanna County is owned by actor Bronson Pinchot.

He may be known best for his days as Balki on the television show "Perfect Strangers," but the star is in the red.

Pinchot owns six properties in Harford, but four of them are up for sheriff's sale.

"People like people to come into our community and be part of us. I don't think he ever was," Dorothy Matthews said.

Longtime Harford resident Dorothy Matthews says it's a shame his properties have been sitting like this for a while.

"I think it's sad that he couldn't make something here in the community because he was welcomed. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way," Dorothy Matthews said.

Officials in Susquehanna County say Pinchot also owes back taxes on six properties. The tax office told Newswatch 16 he owes $13,768.61 on those six properties. Officials say he hasn't paid taxes on those properties in two years.

So far there have been no inquiries on any of the properties up for sale.

Residents hope someone comes in and buys them.

"I'm hoping somebody comes along and invests in them. They might be renovated. I'd hate to see them torn down for any reason," William Matthews said.

The sheriff sale for Bronson Pinchot's four properties is scheduled for late April.

His mansion, which was featured on the DIY Network is not up for sheriff's sale, but is on the market for $399,000.


  • SMDH

    TMZ broke this story almost a week ago and now you finally have something to publish?? What a joke. We also had a guy killed in a quarry yesterday on the North Road outside of Montrose and still no mention of what is going on with that. When should we expect that? Next week? And why is this news anyway? You are publishing this because he is well known. Do you make stories about everyone that loses their home? Leave the guy alone. He’s been quiet and no trouble from him. Let him get his finances straight in peace. He deserves the same thing the rest of us want.

  • Billie Jo

    Harford Historical Society, can’t you begin a campaign to help. Though we are far away, I would help in any way we could. Max Jones was my father-in-law…it would be his joy to see those properties restored to the community!

  • Just like u but don't like u

    Property Tax Independence Act (SB/HB76) eliminates the school property tax

    Wolf leaves it open for your taxes to go up again, just like the casino’s with Rendell, supposedly were enough to eliminate them then, but then the politicians & School Teachers needed it to pay their full coverage medical & their never ending, climbing above inflation pensions, & not one penny paid into it from their own income, but with the property taxes, that they(The Teachers Union) can raise as they do all the time.
    The Teacher Unions wont budge to have teachers pay their fair share

    if the Property Tax Independence Act (SB/HB76) ever goes through, it would also take care of the blight situation, because people would invest in their own property without being penalized by the teachers taking more of their money for improving their properties.

  • Brian B Calderone

    Pennsylvanians who support Gov Wolf’s budget plan don’t read the details otherwise, why would they advocate this record high tax increase that rewards a 270,000 property owners and punishes the vast majority ( 3,800,000 )?
    Pennsylvanians who advocate on behalf of Gov Wolf’s budget plan don’t seem to care that a newly created tax on any industry is passed down to and paid by the consumer so, why do support rising consumer prices on fuel?
    Why do Gov Wolf budget advocates support a temporary reduction of the school property tax funded by a permanent increase in the income and sales tax when the Property Tax Independence Act (SB/HB76) eliminates the school property tax?

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