Bloomsburg University Athlete Kicked off Team After Offensive Mo’ne Davis Tweet

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BLOOMSBURG -- A baseball player at Bloomsburg University has been kicked off the team after a vulgar tweet aimed at Little League baseball star Mo’ne Davis.

Friday night, junior Joey Casselberry took to Twitter after finding out the Disney Channel plans to make a movie about the Little Leaguer from Philly.

But it’s one word Casselberry used that got so many people upset.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, along with the Twitter account, the former first baseman Tweeted Friday night, “Disney is making a movie about Mo`ne Davis? What a joke. [She] got rocked by Nevada.” Except he didn`t say “she.” He used another “S” word.

bloom mone davis tweet

“Obviously it was wrong for somebody that old to say something so rude to such a young person,” said Zachary Jacobson, a sophomore at Bloomsburg University.

"People do say things,” explained senior Eric Stone. “They don't really think about what they're saying when they say it. Once they're out on social media, they're out there. You can't really take it back."

At 13 years old, Mo’ne Davis became an overnight sensation after she became the first girl to win a game and pitch a shutout in the Little League World Series.

Last night, Bloomsburg University released a statement from its athletics Twitter account saying:

Students at Bloomsburg University say there's a lesson to be learned from this whole experience.

"Watch what you say,” Stone added. “Just in general, be polite. Maybe it’s something you want to say to another person, but don't put it out on social media where everyone can see it."

"I Googled my own name and I was like, ‘I should probably watch what I say,’ because it's there for everybody to see,” said Vincent Pallini, a sophomore at Bloomsburg.

"Nowadays through social media, [things] get spread very quickly through everywhere pretty much,” said Connor Spornak, sophomore at Bloomsburg University. “You have to watch what you say or there are consequences.”

School officials tell Newswatch 16 that all situations like this are subject to their student code of conduct and it's possible being kicked off the team will not be the only punishment for Casselberry.

Mo'ne Davis appeared on "SportsCenter" Monday morning to address the issue.  Davis said that she would like to see former Bloomsburg University baseball player Joey Casselberry reinstated to the team.


  • Shawn B

    I find it fascinating that the same people who run up and down talking about equality for girls and women are completely incapable of offering any criticism of girls or women. Thus we have resentment from people like this player who say “wait, so the girl who LOST the game that knocked her team out of the playoff is the most famous player”? That’s not equality, it’s favoritism. I get the standard liberal inability to separate positive favoritism from inequality (Despite someone being inherently mistreated) but it would be nice if they didn’t have control of the narratives in this country so people with common sense could avoid it.

  • Karen Terry

    It sounds like she is a more mature person, than that college student. Words are like toothpaste once it’s out you can’t put it back in.

      • Travis

        He expressed how he felt and their is nothing wrong with that dude doesn’t deserve getting his career ruined by a bunch of politically correct sissies because of a little girl that if the media would have never made I big deal out of it wouldn’t have ever known it was said probably and even if she does thats not that offensive this girls from Philly I’m sure she don’t give a flying eff what anyone thinks about her that’s the problem with you people you always gotta make sure no one’s feelings get hurt get bent tex

      • Bren

        A grown man ought to know better than to display his bizarre jealousy and misogyny slandering a little girl.

  • milbank (@milbank2u)

    ““People do say things,” explained senior Eric Stone. “They don’t really think about what they’re saying when they say it.”
    “I Googled my own name and I was like, ‘I should probably watch what I say,’ because it’s there for everybody to see,” said Vincent Pallini, a sophomore at Bloomsburg.”

    You read the quality, intellectually and grammatically, of these two quotes and easily see why Bloomsburg is considered one of the top 5 “Trailer Trash Universities” on the east coast.

  • Zach Pomeroy (@zach_pomeroy)

    FFS people need to really learn what freedom of speech is and how it’s actually implemented. All the misinformed citing the 1st amendment need to grasp that it only protects you from the government silencing you for speaking out against it, not giving you carte blanche to say whatever the hell you want. And most likely a university, and most certainly a team, has a policy in place for the students social media activity. Just like he was “free” to say what he wants doesn’t guarantee protection from the consequence of actually saying it.

    Before citing the 1st amendment while frothing at the mouthes and pounding the keys on your keyboard go back and take a dang civics class

    • MexTex

      Zach, you are an idiot. You really need to take a look at John Rausch’s Kindly Inquisitors . . . well, I doubt that you are literate enough for that, are you? You are making the same bankrupt argument that everyone opposed to freedom of speech has been making recently in an effort to stamp out views they disagree with. Zach, I think you need to read something other than Wikipedia . . . we can see through you.

  • TexMex

    People need to really research what freedom of speech is…because all of you talking about this being freedom of speech obviously do not know the actual definition!

  • stanleyfdavis

    There seems to be a pattern in these apologies lately, including Maine’s Michael Willette’s… the person who wrote or posted something hateful says that his or her lesson learned is that a thoughtless action could wreck the life of the person doing it…. not that these actions have a negative effect on the people it is done to. Then the person who posted the mean speech goes on to claim that he or she “is not a bigot” or “is not a sexist” or “is not biased,” as though that statement somehow makes the behavior less damaging. How about a simple statement of “I hurt people by what I wrote or said or did and I will do my best not to hurt people again?”

  • My Dog Is Smarter a Than You

    Whether you agree or disagree with Casselberry is not the issue here. The real issue is that we have become such a soft, whining, politically-correct, hyper-sensitive society that an individual is no longer entitled to his own opinion.

    • TexMex

      Calling a 13 year old a sl@t is not an opinion! Discussing how he feels about her athletic ability, hair style, type of shoes, etc is an opinion!

    • stanleyfdavis

      who says he’s not entitled to have an opinion? he even has the right to express it- and his baseball team has the right to choose not to have them represent them on the field….. it’s a free country for him and for them….

  • Mad In Hazleton

    Okay, since I don’t use social media, what’s the other “S” word he used? thought he used the 14th letter of the alphabet, but guess not. can’t think of an “S” word that is so bad it would get you kicked off a baseball team and maybe out of college…. PC liberalism got to love it…..

    • TexMex

      He called her a sl@t. I don’t think it was the word in general…it was the fact that he called a 13 year old middle school student a sl@t!

    • Wendy

      I just wanted to say that I am an proud graduate of Bloomsburg University. I did not however drink during my years at the university, so please do not say that is all they do, because not everyone drinks there way through college.

  • Me

    Social media is sickening. Everybody knows everybody’s business and can’t keep their noses out of trouble. I can’t understand how a college student could be so stupid as to take to a social media page and post a rant about a small child.
    Apparently , not only is Bloom U not doing its job on educating our youth, but also , the parents of this college student for not having any common sense.
    I blame the “education” and the “parenting”. Not the Bloom student. It’s a shame what this country is becoming. Uneducated fools !!!
    Kudos for suspending the student but also, SHAME on YOU for not educating him on current events and how to act like a NORMAL human being and not a BULLY !!!!

  • Jimmie

    It is very interesting how people know there rights when it comes to freedom of speech. But think about it, if it was your daughter he said that about. !!!

  • Reemosdad

    This is so sad. Everyone is talking about the ” adult”…and ” freedom of speech”. There is a “child” that is being overlooked. Yes, the punishment was too much, but a child was verbally attacked ( for lack of a better term) by an adult. Yes, he is a college student, but is legally an adult.

    • TexMex

      Calling a 13 year old a sl@t is not an opinion! Discussing how he feels about her athletic ability, hair style, type of shoes, etc is an opinion!

  • Sally

    A man called a middle school girl a b+&*#…..

    I hope in the future she continuously tweets him her bank statement and awards that he could only dream to get.

    Who’s the b+*&# now?

  • Skeptic

    It was a stupid thing to say, but to destroy an athlete’s career over an offensive tweet seems a bit excessive. I agree that it doesn’t fall under free speech in the constitutional sense. They had the right to dismiss him. I don’t think they should have though. What he said did no real harm to anyone. The fact that he just lost his athletic career, and now has his education in jeopardy, is actual harm.

  • Truth speaker

    I wonder what would have happened if a black student athlete said the same thing or if he criticized white police officers.

  • Gary Titus

    Freedom of speech, does not mean freedom from consequence of what you open your mouth about… It’s the freedom to speak out in disagreement with out reprisal from the government, not to say any vulgar thing you want, any time you want.

  • FBI Agent

    Maybe I’m just internet hardened, but those aren’t even bad comments, that’s just like saying the Tony Romo sucks cause he got beat by Seattle……………

    • TexMex

      what?!?! He didn’t just say she sucks!!! He called a 13 year old Middle School student a SL@T!!!! How is that the same as saying Tony Romo sucks????????

  • ashley

    Bloomsburg is a public university that takes tax dollars. This means the school cannot retaliate against someone for their speech. Public universities are bound by the US Constitution. Private universities are not. This student has a lawsuit against the public university for violating his first amendment’s freedom of speech protections. Vile, disgusting speech is what the first amendment protects. Popular speech doesn’t need protection.

    • Jesse

      That seriously might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. And this is coming from a person that generally agrees that the comment the ball player made is not that bad at all. Please stay away from young children and impressionable minds. Y

  • Rick

    the would have done better to suspend him and have him take a sensitivity training class than to kick him off the team. Young people are notorious for speaking with out thinking. But by kicking him off the team you didn’t change his attitude but only taught him to speak in different crowds.

  • Bill G

    Reprehensible comment, but NOT reason to kick someone off of a team. It’s called “free speech” , and it is guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. You don’t have to like the comment, but it is allowed.

    • Reemosdad

      Totally agree with you, but again…it was directed to a CHILD. A bit much kicking him off the team. The punishment does not fit the crime.

    • chris

      You’re an idiot. We do have ‘free speech’ but that doesn’t mean it’s free from consequences. I have the right to call your mom, wife or children any name I choose, but in doing so I’m taking the chance of what your reaction will be. Any organization that you are a part of also has the freedom to distance itself from people that say stupid things. Try expressing your right to free speech by calling your boss a few choice words and let me know how that works out for you.

      • ashley

        Bloomsburg University is a public university that takes tax dollars. This means they have to follow the US Constitution. A private university isn’t bound by the constitution like a public university is. The government, or universities that take government money cannot retaliate against someone for their speech. Your boss can because that is a private company that isn’t bound by the constitution like a public university is.

    • Jesse

      Free speech is guaranteed. That’s why he wasn’t arrested. OK, I can’t keep saying the same thing to everyone on this board. Just go read something other than WNEP please. Educate yourselves, everyone.

    • Dan Kelly

      Holy Crap People!! To All: Freedom of speech means you are protected from the gov’t throwing you in jail for your opinions. That is it!!!! We all have the right to say whatever we want. Just be ready for the fallout when you do. He absolutely should be thrown off the team for saying that about a 14 year old girl. Period!!!

    • Bren

      Perhaps the little girl’s parents should sue him for defamation of character, harassment, emotional anguish and suffering, etc. Free speech indeed…but when that speech is slanderous and malicious, there should be consequences.

  • Reemosdad

    Free speech, really? She is a child. Make the stupid and hurtful comments to those who can defend themselves. Not children. Seriously.

    • Punx Rule

      Exactly. It is free speech. If we kicked out/fired/let go everyone for their personal opinions, no one would be on anyone’s side. Although think though social media is a stupid way to voice your opinion. One reason I quit social media is that everyone thinks that social media gives them a voice and that people care about what they have to say. No one cares about your stupid opinions, your current location, what you had for lunch, or how many online friends you have. Once everyone realizes that, social media will be a better place for all.

      • TexMex

        You need to research the definition of “free speech”. If you understood the constitutional meaning you would realize how stupid your comment is.

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