16 Salutes the ‘Secretary of Everything’ Nina Martin

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BETHANY -- For sixty years, one woman has been a big part of the borough of Bethany.

After all these years, 88-year-old Nina Martin said goodbye to a job she's had since Eisenhower was president.

Martin has been Bethany borough secretary for 60 years and Tuesday night's borough council meeting was her last.

So after such a long time devoted to her hometown, people thought she deserved a little recognition.

Local leaders congratulated Nina for all she's done over the years. She says she did it out of love.

"I love Bethany. I love people. I like to do something I can make their lives happy, too," Martin said.

Nina was in her late 20s when she started keeping track of all things Bethany.

Her childhood friend, Bethany Mayor Margaret Freeman, says she's proud of Nina.

"I don't know anybody else who could do that much for a community. She's secretary of everything," Freeman said.

Martin has lived nearly her entire life in the borough of Bethany and devoted 60 years of that life to serving the community. She says she'll miss it, but says she knows she's leaving it in good hands.

"I'm so happy with the girl who's taking it, Alice. Born and brought up here and she loves Bethany, too."

"She is such a wealth of knowledge. We go to Nina for everything, said Alice Mullen, the current Bethany borough secretary.

Now Nina has lots to keep her busy, her church life, and secretary of the Wayne County Fair to name a couple.

But asked what she's most proud of, Nina says it was working together with her neighbors.

"Just to be a part of council, see what they accomplished, what they did to make Bethany beautiful."