Child Killed in Crash Near Berwick

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BRIAR CREEK TOWNSHIP -- A child was killed in a crash in Columbia County Tuesday morning.

Police said the crash happened on Martzville Road in Briar Creek Township, just north of Berwick, around 8:30 a.m.

Officers tell us a grandmother in her mid-50s was driving when her vehicle hit a pole.

Her 19-month-old granddaughter in the back seat of the vehicle was killed in the crash. The toddler was thrown from the SUV and police say she died on impact.

They say the girl was behind the driver's seat, but what police are not saying is whether she was properly secured in a child seat.

When the vehicle was removed from the scene, it was clear that most of the damage was in the area where the child was seated.

We spoke to some people who live on the street where it happened.

"This is just my opinion. It was kind of icy, and I thought, you know, maybe on the curve they lost control or something," said Dorothy Linsinbigler.

We spoke to a man who lives just behind the utility pole that was struck. He said he ran out seconds after the crash and saw the little girl outside the SUV. Police told him there was a car seat in the vehicle, but police are not commenting on whether the child was properly strapped in or not.

The grandmother was flown to the hospital.

Police are still investigating the cause of the deadly wreck.


  • Frank

    The problem is with the tragedy and with how it affected the child’s loved ones, not the exact reasons in which how and why it happened. The investigators will disclose that information at the end of their investigation. Until then, speculations and theories should be kept to oneself.

    • huh?

      But in the mean-time let’s all continue to drive too fast for conditions, not wear our seat belts, not properly restrain our loved ones, and keep on texting. Hey, might as well have that beer to on your way home while you’re at it. Unless you are one of them or don’t pay attention to such things, how many people do you see driving too fast, not belted, or on the phone? The answer is pretty simple folks, but you just don’t like to hear the truth because maybe you’re one of the problems?

  • tracy stout

    This story is a tragedy. Its so important to have your baby buckled in no matter what. I don’t know how much newswatch 16 actually has correct in this story though, considering the woman they interviewed was my Aunt Colleen Linsinbigler and they said her name was Dorothy Linsinbigler. Makes me wonder how many other things newswatch 16 has wrong. God bless this baby and the family. My prayers are with you all. :(

    • liz

      To Tracy Stout Your aunt may be named colleen, but I know someone who went to school with her and her name is Dorothy Colleen, so Wnep got it right.

  • stephanie

    Exactly, I could post at least 3 pics a week of people on my fb not strapped their kids in either tight enough (you can easily see slack in the restraint) putting them in seats they aren’t ready for , not using the shoulder/chest part of the belt (only using lap portion yet they DO make adjusters to properly adjust and place belt across chest) and people just not having their preschooler in a seat at all

  • Reuben

    Easy there Bob, you don’t know what happened nor does anyone else yet. Don’t condemn this woman on speculation.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Heavenly Father, please welcome this child home with open arms. Please comfort all those involved in this very sad time in their lives. Amen

    How sad!

    • seat belts save lives

      The facts are the vehicle hit a pole and a child was killed. It’s obvious that the child was not properly restrained. Whether it was a malfunction or negligence is speculation at this point. This is a heavily traveled road with a speed limit of 45 or less. Many vehicles successfully negotiated the bend in the road before her, she did not. She will have to live the rest of her days knowing she was driving the vehicle that killed her grandaughter. RIP young angel, and prayers to the survivors.

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