Community Speaks Out About Proposed School District Merger

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POTTSVILLE -- Parents and residents got a chance to speak out at a meeting Monday night about the possible merger of two school districts in Schuylkill County.

Pottsville Area and Saint Clair are considering three options. The first is to keep things as is. A second option is to merge districts. A third possibility is that Pottsville would take over educating students, but Saint Clair could keep its own school board.

Many folks are worried about what it means financially.

"I'm a Pottsville resident and we have to look at one thing. Either increase revenue or decrease expenditures to get our budget in line," said Brian Manning of Pottsville.

According to a study on the possible merger, taxes could change and each district would have to take on the other's expenses.


  • tk69

    The solution is simple: close down the public schools, sell their properties to pay for obligations, and abolish the school boards as well as school taxes. Then those whom want a public education can go online and get one through the Pa online degree program. Those that want to send their kids to physical schools, can pay for it. What is American about forcing other americans to pay for other peoples children?

  • Alan Watt- u tube

    pottsville= bankrupt= take stclairs $=homeless property owners so the state can brainwash more children…cause your cattle or in other words human resources.

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