Man Arrested For Baseball Bat Attack

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP -- A high school senior from Lackawanna County was sent to the hospital earlier this week after being attacked with a baseball bat in his driveway.  Police caught up with one of the alleged attackers Wednesday. Two more are still on the loose.

That attack happened Monday night near Chapman Lake in Lackawanna County. The 18 year old had injuries to his head, arms, and legs.

Scott Township Police are still trying to figure out what the attack was all about, but the victim did know one of his alleged attackers. Police filed felony charges against that man Wednesday.

The Chapman Lake area of Scott Township in Lackawanna County is particularly quiet this time of year, but that changed Monday night along part of Chapman Lake Road.

Joanne Mullen said she saw police cars and an ambulance pull up and she called her neighbors next door. That neighbor answered. She said her son came to the door beaten and covered in blood.

The 18-year-old high school senior told police he was being dropped off at home Monday night. Three men were waiting for him with a baseball bat. The 18 year old was beaten several times and then kicked and punched.

He could only identify one of the alleged attackers: an old friend, Kyle Grzech, 21, of Dickson City. He shouted sexual slurs at us after his arrest.

Police say Grzech wouldn't identify the two other attackers. He also wouldn't explain why the attack happened.

"Those are facts we are still working on, but the bottom line was the victim was assaulted, aggressively and brutally," said Scott Township Police Patrolman Edward Frescoln.

Neighbors near Chapman Lake are wondering why, too.  They told Newswatch 16 the families who live here look out for each other and each other's children.

"I know the family. We know the family well. We have that community beach down there so we`re always all there together. You know, you just don`t expect things like this. I hope he`s fine," said neighbor Lucille Dewey.

The victim was released from the hospital earlier this week but is still recovering from his injuries.

Kyle Grzech was charged with aggravated assault and a slew of other charges. Police in Scott Township are still looking for those two other men.


  • gus

    I know this scum personally and everyone who knows him knows he’s a no good drug dealer. Big tough guy who can’t fight like a man so bring 2 friends and a baseball bat. Maybe if you stopped dealing drugs people wouldn’t owe you “debt”. And for everyone who says he’s a “good boy” you obviously don’t know who he really is.

    • livesk8die

      A lot of idiots posting here. Get the facts. Let’s see what the truth is shortly. I bet there is more than Lambert is saying. Ujs is great site to see public record. We need to start seeing more of these nice neighborhood kids on it and stop covering up their mistakes.

  • C Swaha

    This little punk needs to go to prison for a long time. I know him and he’s a little punk.. Have fun with Bubba scumbag

    • tj

      Swaha I can see you joining him shortly the way you live your life. As for being a punk I think we know who you are and what your true colors are. Innocent until proven guilty except in this corrupt county.

  • johnny b good

    I know him hes a good kid and innocent. you think $ will continue to keep little rich kids out of jail. I hope the paer and tv will make a bigdeal like they did with this when thes rich kids like mikey get arrested for a dui, rape, drugs, or will they hush it up and send them to rehab.

  • Show me da money

    Give him this message……. It takes a real $?@&$ to bring 2 people and a baseball bat to beat 1 person up keep your pants tough in prison tough guy your supporters won’t be there to help you sissy


    Everyone who shredded with kyle, send him a letter. Call for his inmate #. If you know him you know he deserves the support and is innocent.
    1371 N Washington Ave
    Scranton, PA 18509

    • gus

      I’ll never eat at your restaurant again… the scum and let Dickson City turn into Scranton.

  • benny gryz

    All I can say is FREE KYLE and put all these rich thieves in jail before they rob some hedgefund later in life.

  • joey bag of donuts spiiiiiiiiiice shred

    I knew this kid and he is a great kid. I am sure he is 100% innocent. I think they should look into the posse of richies that are hiding behind $, lawyering up fast, and snitching even quicker. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see what happen here. If kyle was even involved and is guilty, then so is the person who he supposedly assaulted. I dont see kyle being the aggressor, I would say the posse of sherm head rich kids probably did something or tried to jump him to make him defend himself, IF HE WAS EVEN THERE. I smell uncle smitty the statey covering this up for the rich boys club aka snitch squad and putting blame on an innocent young man. I got you shrek do not worry and there are plenty of others who support you and your parents. Denise and wayne hang in there you know he is not the devil the news, paper, and all these idiots are trying to portray him as. He is a fun wild child who everyone laughed with.

    • wfellas

      I totally agree. Was kyle even there?Is mike a robber?does kyle own a silver jeep wrangler or does he own a busted gti and work at mainline hoagies? Hmmm i think 100% innocent. I guarantee something on the other side isn’t being mentioned. Kyle isn’t a baseball player but I bet Michael is, who had the bat, who swung first, no one on this site was there so let’s not jump to conclusions with your certificates for law.

  • Old friend

    Everybody commenting badly obviously don’t know the full story. Knowing Kyle personally, this is not him, He doesnt have bad intentions unless given reason. Good boy, bad decisions. Keep your head up Kyle, you made your point clear. Despite what everyone on this page says, Kyle is a great guy, and comes from a phenomenal loving family. Took a wrong turn and traveled onto the wrong path with some complications. Life is full of second chances.

    • E

      “Life is full of second chances”. Spare me your nonsense. Did you learn that during one of your sessions in drug and alcohol rehab? Also who cares if he is from a loving family or not? Is this the part where you try to defend someone because you believe they are from a decent family? Is that the only defense the people there have for their actions? And I’m sure you people wonder why your community is decaying faster than normal.

  • An old friend

    Kyles an old friend from highschool even though he’s an @$$hole Atleast he didn’t steal a puppy the kid from Lakeland got what he deserved because I’m sure he robbed Kyle over pot and talked a bunch of talk and got Kyle going … Aim for the legs next time slugger knee pain is horrible

  • Wyler

    I know this boy and his family. Let’s get some facts straight. His parents are amazing people and are great parents. He’s 21 and knows right from wrong so even if he did this he knew better. And there are 2 sides of a story so all of you people who have nothing better to do than sit and comment on every news story that you know nothing about need to get a life. A job maybe or a hobby.

    • Show me da money

      Or maybe you can shut your big fat mouth and admit your sleeping with him………..stop sticking up for scum you don’t bring 2 people and a baseball bat to beat someone up

  • Truth.

    I bet u rich boy didnt pay up if you ask me….people USUALLY dont wait at your house with a bat unless there very cross with you, and yes baseball bat boy that is a very chicken hearted move, go yourself and get whats yours, not bringing a posse of pussys.

  • anthony

    If his parents had disciplined him more when he was younger, maybe just maybe he would not have done this! Maybe! There’s no guarantees!

    • Justify

      Or even remotely taught him and the rest of the cowards right from wrong God forbid! If that were my driveway there woulda been three bodies on the ground. IF there was any justification in their attack the matter should’ve been dealt with differently but i don’t see how you can justify a bunch of wusses attacking one person with a weapon, even cops have to answer for that! Where was this kid’s family at the time?

  • E

    Typical from Scott township and the surrounding area. Most whom reside there are drunken wanna be cowboys from a trailer park anyway. It makes sense. Lol.

  • Stompy

    I am a strong believer in Karma. This kid has been acting with impunity for months if not years damaging the property of others over drug debts and similar issues. He is a loose cannon and it is a relief that these fine officers have gotten him off the street because it was only a matter of time before this type of incident ended in someone’s death. THANK YOU, OFFICERS OF THE LAW!

    • Justify

      For sure from the looks of his profile. You would think people this stupid wouldn’t say stupid stuff to make it so obvious what a stupid they are, (but I guess that’s because they’re so stupid?!), never mind leave their profile public. Guess they’re THAT proud of themselves? UGH!

      • Wyler

        What a stupid they are? You sound dumb. Maybe if you spent more time getting an education instead of creeping on fb or the news you’d be able to use correct grammar.

    • Justify

      @Wyler It was a typo you imbecile and I have a Masters. Maybe I am just tired of people making excuses for trouble makers just because they’re family. All that does is perpetuate the dysfunction which is epidemic here in NEPA and has been so for YEARS!!

      • My Dog Is Smarter Than You

        I missed the word “sign” on my post, but I admit that she is smarter than me too. You’d agree if you knew her.

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