Doctor’s Office Closing in Canton

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CANTON -- Arnot Health Systems is a busy place in Canton, but not for long. It is one of just a few doctor's offices in Canton, and according to patients, at the end of the month it will close.

"I had been called and told that this was a pretty strong possibility. I was sick over it," Madge Mahosky said.

"It's quite a shock to have them just shut it down," Cathy Chaapel said.

While Arnot Health Systems would not confirm the closing, patients of Dr. Jonathan Kirkowski were told the office is closing at the end of March.  Kirkowski has worked at this location for around 40 years.

"He's taken care of my family, my husband and I, our kids, all of us," Chaapel said.

"We think the world of Dr. K and I really don't want him to leave," Mahosky said.

There is another doctor's office just a few feet away from Arnot Heath, but the patients we spoke with say they don't want to switch doctors after four decades of care.

"I don't want to. Not at all. He's perfect," Mahosky said.

Some of Dr. Kirkowski's patients even started a petition to try and stop the closure. In just two days the petition got more than 50 signatures.

"I think it's showing Arnot there's a number of people in this area that would like to have them leave this facility here in Canton because it's more convenient for people and there's a lot of people who like Dr. K and they feel bad that he's being terminated," Attorney Gerald Brann said.

Newswatch 16 tried to contact Dr. Kirkowski, through the health provider, they did not get back to us. Arnot Health Systems has a facility in Troy, which is about ten miles away. Many patients in Canton say that is too far to travel.


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