Cold Weather and Refinery Problems Lead to Higher Gas Prices

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TUNKHANNOCK -- If you're a driver you already know there is no way around what you pay at the pump.

After a few months of low prices, the AAA Mid-Atlantic office says there's a good chance these numbers will continue to go up.

"They get them down and then they want to bring them back up," Ken Wilhelm said.

According to the AAA Mid-Atlantic office, the national average for regular unleaded gas has increased more than 34 cents over the last 31 days.

AAA says the cold weather in the northeast and the midwest has caused issues at refineries which in turn has caused prices to increase.

Drivers like Ken Wilhelm says he doesn't want to see prices go up any more from here.

"Especially if you have two vehicles or you have a child driving. Just to go to normal places, an extra 10 cents that's what it is," Wilhelm said.

Gas in the Tunkhannock area right now is around $2.50 a gallon.

While that's cheaper than this time last year, drivers say that's still not cheap enough.

"It's not cheap enough. I mean, we were spoiled, OK, for many years. But, I would like to see it more, keeping in line with other states," Bonne DeLyon said.

DeLyon has only lived in Tunkhannock for a few years. She admits the price for gas here is just too high.

"My husband works in New Jersey and calls me up all the time and says gas is $1.89 or $1.99. That's not what I'm seeing here, it's ridiculous," DeLyon said.

Mark Ivey of Tunkhannock says he's grateful that his truck gets good gas mileage. He hopes to see these numbers go down in the coming months.

"I hope they stabilize here. It would be nice. We do a lot of camping the summer so that would help," Ivey said.

According to AAA, there is a good chance that prices will continue to rise this spring.

A news release  added, "Barring any major disruptions in supply, AAA anticipates drivers will continue to pay below $3.00 per gallon throughout 2015."


  • just sayin

    Who would ever expect cold weather in Jan and Feb in the northern U S? They’re robbing us just because they can. They control the supply and control the price with whatever made up excuse the oil companies can think of. Why when oil drops it takes weeks or months for prices to come down but they go up overnight when prices go up? We’re at their mercy and they know it. It’s legalized robbery.

  • honest John

    if you wake up early enough you can siphon gas from your neighbors without them even knowing….free gas! wahoo!

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