Man Faces Charges for Firing Gun at Woman

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  • Me and Mine

    His only mistake is not being a current or former police officer, the story would have ended with “and no charges will be filed”

  • The truth you don't want to hear.

    I’m sure he didn’t do it because the cable was out. Lets ask the real question, WHAT DID SHE DO? Oh wait, it is 2015 and women are still blameless for their own actions. I’m sure she will be looking for child support and a welfare check now.

    • The truth you don't want to hear.

      As if anything can shut up a woman, Now she will be running her mouth through a lawyer, regardless of whatever she pulled to start all this.

      • pay back

        Now now. God knows if he wanted to hurt her he would have .not saying what he did was right but many times these women do know how to push buttons and tie a man up for yrs

    • Justify

      So a woman has to be like a man to defend herself? Take away that gun from that coward POS and we will tear his a-double up. Nothing will be left save the fact he looked like he just went thru a shredder. Eowyn; “she strikes the witchking down and says; “I am no man”.

      • pay back

        No! Women need to be tought not to hit men. As a boy I was always told not to hit girls! Girls need to be taught the same thing. These days nobody needs hit or you might just get hit back. Male or female

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