Mini Golf… Inside a Library?

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SELINSGROVE -- If you are tired of the cold weather and ready for a summer activity, the Snyder County Libraries have an event just for you. The library board is organizing a mini golf fundraiser set for next weekend.

Miniature golf is an activity usually set aside for warmer weather, so why are members of the Snyder County Libraries Board setting up a mini golf course inside the Rudy Gelnett Library in Selinsgrove? For a very unique fundraiser.

"We just think it's something new and different. People love to play miniature golf. It's low stress and again, who does that in a library," Marsha Lemons asked.

The fundraiser is called "Putting for Pages".  On March 6 and 7, people can play 19 holes of miniature golf set up throughout the three floors of the library.

Businesses in the Selinsgrove area will sponsor holes -- some of them over 100 feet long.

"It's just like you imagine a miniature golf course with a windmill or whatever except we're going to have brake drums or maybe boxes of coffee or whatever our sponsors have given us to use," Pam Ross said.

The board says it hopes to raise $10,000. All proceeds go toward books and library programs at each of Snyder County's four libraries.

Board members not only hope the fundraiser allows people to have a lot of fun, but to explore the library at the same time.

"It's a renovated library. It's just a couple of years old, so people in the town are loving it, but we're hoping that some who haven't been here to see the new renovations will come as well," Lemons said.

Brandee Hoffman of Selinsgrove says she goes to the library a lot to study.

"There are a ton of fundraisers but that is unique and I think it's going to be a lot of fun," Hoffman said.

There are two separate events. Friday, March 6 is for adults 21 and over. Tickets are $30 each and include two drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Saturday's event is for all ages and is $5 per golfer. Tickets are available at all four libraries.

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