Armed Robbery in School Parking Lot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HAZLETON — Police are on the lookout for four males after an armed robbery in a school parking lot.

Authorities said the men approached a parked occupied car in the parking lot of the Castle Elementary and Middle School at 600 North Wyoming Street in Hazleton just before 10 p.m. Monday and demanded money.

Officials have not said what type of weapon the men had or if they got away with anything.

Anyone with information regarding the armed robbery is asked to contact police.


  • Katerina

    The name of the school is the Hazleton Elementary/Middle School on 700 N. Wyoming street not 600. I figured since you are reporting the news which relies on details and facts that you should have correct information. The nickname of the school is the Castle since it looks like one. Side note…any follow up on this?

  • to the commenters...

    about time the sheeple are waking up ….finally thinking for themselves and not believing anything the media tells them.

  • Guy from up north

    Let’s see,irst of all, It’s Hazleton – the home base for illegals in NEPA – I am surprised you don’t need a passport to enter that area because it’s a foreign country.

    Secondly, It’s Hazelton – How are people surprised about this?

    Thirdly, It’s Hazelton – When was the last time that you heard anything good come out of that area?

    And finally. It’s Hazelton – Just do like they need to do with Wilkes-Barre and parts of Scranton — Take several demolitions companies, go through there, plow everything down, rebuild, start all over again – But this time, no absentee landlords, no homes allowed to lay in despair, and all persons entering the city to either visit or live must have a legal ID or green card and must be drug tested !

  • SomeonestupidtofollowWNEP

    Wait a minute! 10 p.m.? Occupied vehicle, by whom? Kids, parents, cops? 4 males? Black, green, blue? Young or old? Known to victim? Total B.S. Story to cause panic. WNEP is fast becoming the Fox Network.

    • Dave

      Hope my memory isn’t failing me ..I remember an article about Fox buying them awhile back.. So your perception is right on…

    • You Seem 2 Like Turtles

      I share your frustration, regarding the lack of details in this Hazleton story, but you folks who constantly bash Fox News need to open your eyes and understand that ALL of our major media outlets serve the same purpose. Every single one of them receive certain instructions from the State Department, intelligence agencies, and several other government agencies. Since the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act, all of the news “programming”(and other TV programs and movies) we are presented with is tainted with special purpose narratives. Our media outlets are also infested with “Non-Official Cover”. Of course, don’t take my word for it (I wouldn’t expect anyone to), research it for yourself, as it has all been uncovered.

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