Pittston Water Repairs Set For Later This Week

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PITTSTON -- About 2,000 homes and businesses in Pittston and Hughestown will be affected while crews try to fix a water main break.

A 20-inch water main line broke Sunday on Parsonage and New Street in Pittston. Originally crews were scheduled to repair the break on Monday, but they are still assessing the damage.

About 2,000 homes and businesses in Pittston and Hughestown may lose water this week when crews repair a 20-inch water main that broke on Sunday.

"Yesterday I stopped by to pick something up and there were about 25 water guys and tons of equipment. And they just didn't seem like they've just been scratching their heads," said Sue Guzik.

Guzik is the owner of a store located just a few yards away from where the break happened on Parsonage Street in Pittston.

"I am using water currently, but we have not lost water at all. This has been going on for a couple of days. We still have water at the moment but we just filled up a couple of gallons just in case we lose water."

Repairs were originally scheduled for Monday, then moved to Tuesday, now they are scheduled for later this week as Pennsylvania American Water sends crews out to assess the full extent of the problem.

"Hopefully they figure out what the problem is. They said it's like a 20-inch pipe, so that sounds big," Guzik said.

Crews have been out in Pittston and Hughestown checking each valve connected to the water main line, and that's more than 20 valves.

Each time the crews check a valve, water could be turned off for up to an hour.

Once all the valves have been checked crews can begin the actual repair of the water main.

Pennsylvania American Water has not issued a boil water advisory at this point.

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