UPDATE: Father Shoots and Kills Son in Murder-Suicide

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WESTFALL TOWNSHIP -- We now know the names of the people involved in a murder-suicide in Pike County.

State police were called to a home on Green Acres Lane near Milford just before 9:00 p.m. Sunday for a domestic dispute and shooting.

Authorities said Joseph Matrongolo, 82, and his son, also named Joseph, 40, got into a fight. The father then got a gun and shot his son in the head and then killed himself.

There is no word on what started the fight in Pike County.


  • Solomon Grundy

    Donna my friend….little do you no…I am very familiar with this family…I will formulate and voice my own opinion….which I am afforded to do so by my constitutional rights….And in my opinion these people are trailer trash just like the very many people that inhabit and frequent these freak show / circus sideshow trailer parks….the majority of the people in the TP’S are low lives of society…don’t like it …too bad!!!

  • Solomon Grundy

    Again nothing more that TPT (trailer park trash) and all the drama that does with it…..The best part of the whole situation is the shooter definitely did the right thing….he ridded the world of one vermin and then turned the gun right back around on himself….bravo great job and thank you

    • Donna

      Apparently you Solomon have nothing better to do than sit around and bash people. This young man was disabled..never did a mean thing to anyone. He was shot by his ex cop father..someone who knew the law well. It was an unfortunate situation, out of the control of the young man..whose name is Joey, not trailer trash. It is such a tragedy for the family. Your comments are hurtful and cruel. May you never have to live through something like this wonderful family is . May you never have to identify or claim the body of a loved one taken in such a cruel way. I will pray for your soul as you so apparently need it. Just because someone lives in a trailer it does not make them trash.so if you dont know the situation dont say anything at all. Just shows your ignorance

  • Solomon Grundy

    Ya Lloyd I agree two people did die…no denying that…but they were two $hit bags…such like yourself…

  • Live and Let Grieve

    I’m writing this to address the terribly insensitive Neanderthals who are talking about gun rights in this comment section. How dare you all use a tragedy as a soapbox to stand on to further your agenda. You’re all scum. A family lost two loved ones and you’re arguing about whether or not guns should be allowed in the civilian sector? Are you kidding me? Let these people grieve in peace. I’m sure if it were your blood you wouldn’t want to see these comments, regardless of your stance on the subject. Enough is enough. Find other ways to express your views, leave these people be in their time of mourning, and wish them well. R.I.P. Poor Souls.

  • Keith Hinkel

    This sort of tragedy will only increase so long as there are no jobs and America is flooded with junk Chinese imports. No jobs equals poverty equals no hope equals taking lives to escape.

  • GramRK

    This is sad, so sad for all involved. So sorry for the families losses. I read the posts and why do people have to bring their opinionated agendas into these horrible family tragedies ? It won’t bring the loved ones back, won’t change what happened or why. Just wish people could settle their arguments or differences without the violence which seems to be permeating our society anymore ? Say prayers for this family and keep your personal opinions to yourselves. It won’t help them.

  • Darlene

    Regardless of anyones opinion on here…two people have died and that is tragic. Before you let your ignorance show and post nasty comments you should stop and think about the feelings of the family and friends left behind that have to pick up the peices.

    • Proactive

      Some of us are tired of having to pick up these pieces. We’d much rather see such tragedy avoided if at all possible. That requires a conversation, with people who are willing to listen.


        @ READY…

        If you’re really willing to listen, you should leave your preconceptions behind.

        There’s no getting rid of guns in this country. We just need to make sure the citizens who are armed – much like the citizens who drive automobiles – are qualified to do so.

      • ready to defend and protect

        And how would your so-called qualifications have prevented this tragedy? A NY Times article cites that 117 Americans die every day in motor-vehicle related accidents. That’s almost 43,000 each year. Assuming that most of these people are licensed drivers, how is that qualification thing working out for you?

  • Peter Di Sciascio

    What kind of trashy people take the time to write something negative during such a terrible tragedy?? You like guns? Fine. You don’t like guns? Fine.

    The bottom line is that a man and his son are dead and the family and friends have to pick up the pieces. This is awful and it deserves the proper respect, regardless of your thoughts on guns or suicide.

    This happens to be my father’s longtime friend and someone who I spent many vacations with when I was growing up. My condolences to the family. May they both rest in peace.

    • Here's the point...

      The point is that this murder/suicide would have been a lot harder to pull off without a gun.

      The point is that knives, baseball bats, frying pans, et al don’t just “go off.”

      The point is that we need to make sure gun owners aren’t nuts before letting them near a firearm.

      • Here's the point...


        Do you feel better that two lives were so easily taken? At least tossing one out a window would require a bit more effort.

      • Ready to defend and protect

        So one then has to assume that for almost 82 years Joe was not – how did you put it – nuts? What foolproof method do you recommend we use to screen potential gun owners? Have them fill out a questionare? Sign and affirm that they are – and will remain for all earthly eternity – sane? Perhaps a solemn oath sworn that if the gun owner ever feels not of sound mind that they surrender all arms immediately. That should work.

      • Thomas McCormick

        If you think this is hard to pull off with out a gun – go to the UK – it happens every day and they do it with knives. A lot more gruesome. Just think how much easier it is to conceal a knife.

    • Lee

      Read the words and intent of my comment!!!!! I feel heart sorry for the gravity of this situation, however my intent with MY comment was to STOP the infiltration of the negative comments hat obviously have and will be coming about this tragedy and how the tool was at fault and NOT the person!!! I agree I did not know the people in this tragedy nor all the situations involved but I do know that their are many nut jobs out there who will put a liberal thinking spin on this tragedy and blame the gun, when the obvious truth here is that the father stepped over the line when HE propagated this crime. What people need to realize is, as you say, the loved ones and around the periphery need to heal and time for mourning, and they should receive it!!!! Secondly, and maybe just as important, DO NOT BLAME the gun- blame the shooter. It must be realized whether it was a gun, a cast iron pot, a hammer, a broom handle or whatever implement he would have decided to use, the crime would have, no doubt, been committed!!! Thank you for listening, and for those who don’t know so much about this, and think they do- LET THIS FAMILY GRIEVE AND HEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and to the others who are either directly or indirectly related or loved by this family- May GOD BLESS and HEAL you!!!!!!!!!!

      • Donna

        Thank you Lee for clearing up what you meant, i knew what you were saying but that it might be taken wrong. Guns do jot kill…people do! This man spent years as a NJ cop…he knew the law…i feel sorru for Joey ..he was innocent and being disabled would not ever think that his own father would ever do this to him..thats the tragic part. Now the family has to deal and grieve because of this mans choice…and it was his choice….thanks, a friend of Joeys family

    • Angela Di Sciascio

      Pete, you are absolutely right. May Joe and Joey rest in peace. I will never forget the fun we all had together. We will see them again , until then God bless.

  • Solomon Grundy

    Sounds like a bunch of trailer park trash to me….this is a win win…two idiots out of circulation….amen!!!

    • Lloyd Schumcatelli

      Shut Up Solomon, no one cares about your thoughtless, tasteless comments. Take a shower, get out of your mothers basement and get a job. 2 people died. It’s a sad thing.

    • Wendy Mierbeth

      Okay SG, come on here with your real name and spout such nonsense. Coward. These two people have friends and family. May nothing so horrible and senseless ever happen to you and yours.

    • Donna

      Please dont be cruel when you dont know the situaion, this young man was disabled , the shooter knew what he would face if he didnt take the cowards way out. A young mans lufe was cut short its such a tragic loss. I know the family by no means is joeys family trailer trash, cant speak fir his father but his sister and her family are wonderfulpeople. Dont be mean,

    • Denise Bartone-Pollack

      you really need to get a life you low life I really pray that nothing ever touches your family like this has touched ours. Don’t post comments about this if you do not know the situation which you clearly do not. Joey was the victim here of a horrible act and above all he does not deserve any crappy remarks from scumbags like you.

  • Lee

    So let me see, if I understand this according to the mindset of so many people today. Father and son were arguing and the gun got so upset with what it was hearing that it got itself out of its storage location came out to the area where the two were arguing. First shot the son, as he had a probable better chance of subduing the gun because of his age, then shooting the father. After the two were dead the gun put itself into the possession of the father so it looked like the father committed the crime, then just waited. Sounds about correct, doesn’t it???

    • BS Agenda

      The only BS agenda is the futile attempt of the liberal left trying to revoke the Second Ammendment and round up all the guns from the sane, rational, law abiding citizens. Two people are dead because someone wasn’t sane or rational, not because of people wanting to protect and defend themselves from evil and tyranny.

    • Denise Bartone-Pollack

      Before any of you ignorant people write trash about this horrible event maybe you should know the facts. Yes a gun was involved and yes the father shot the son yes that’s right the scumbag father shot his helpless son who didn’t deserve to die that way he was my cousin and he was the sweetest kindest person who ever lived and his father was nothing but an animal, who treated him like crap his whole life so how dare you make it sound like this poor boy was at fault he was the victim here not that piece of trash who by the way took the cowardly way out and took his own life, he should rot in the pits of hell for all eternity.

  • Wendy Mierbeth

    This appears to be a mobile home park. A miracle that bullets didn’t hit another residence. I have friends that live on this road, must be shocking to them. I feel bad for the family of these two men. My sympathy to them.

  • Donna

    What a coward…shooting someone who could not defend themself then killing yourself…big former cop you are going to hell…but then i guess youd choose that instead of jail…coward

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