Man in Hospital after Getting Hit by Own Car

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SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP -- A man is in critical condition after being hit by his own car that he was driving in Columbia County.

Police said the driver of the station wagon pulled over to the side of Columbia Boulevard near Berwick after issues with his car's throttle.

The driver then lifted the hood and started fidgeting underneath.

With his car still in drive, the station wagon then took off with the driver stuck under the hood for 70 feet before driving into a ditch.

"Still under investigation because the vehicle is still in drive and we're not quite sure how the vehicle took off on him and dragged him underneath the car back here," said Andrew Dalkiewicz, South Centre Township Police.

Again, the driver is in critical condition after that wreck in Columbia County.


  • Karen Snyder

    Let me clarify that this report is incorrect. The car was NOT in drive when he got out, it slipped into gear somehow. The car was parked and he restarted it to look under the hood. Its not as if he just pulled over and jumped out. This article, and many of you below, make him sound stupid. He is not a stupid man, accidents happen and cars malfunction. I’m so glad the news reports accurate details, not just hearsay. Maybe they should talk to someone who was there. Oh, and by the way, thanks for the concern about his well being.

    • My Dog Is Smarter Than You

      Okay Karen. I will assume that you are correct and know more of the facts than were reported originally. Yes, accidents happen. So, if what you say is correct, I apologize for my snide jokes and remarks and wish the best for the gentleman.

  • Kelly Ashland

    they say they don’t know how the car took off and drug him, thats easy. the guy left the car in drive went under the hood and was messing with the throttle cable (same as hitting the gas peddle) when its in drive and of course its going to go

  • cas

    Amazing how many people take the time to comment on serious stuff with ignorance and jokes that are lacking.

    Hope the guys okay.

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