Truck Loses Load on Interstate, Chickens on the Loose

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NESCOPECK TOWNSHIP — Chickens are on the loose after a truck lost some of its load on the Interstate.

According to state police, crates of chickens blew off of a tractor trailer on Interstate 80 in the area of mile marker 250 in Nescopeck Township around 6:30 a.m. Thursday.

Authorities are not sure exactly how many chickens were displaced, but they said that most of the birds did not survive.

Police said traffic on the highway near Nescopeck was not affected.


  • Jim

    How many of you bleeding hearts had chicken on your tables,or in your box today.hypocrites.what did you think,they are raised and slaughtered in the grocery store?shows how observant you are.Chickens and turkeys are trucked up and down our roads daily.

  • Amanda A

    If these chickens are still unaccounted for, I would recommend that the authorities check the other side of the road. I hear that chickens are prone to crossing roads, in order to get to the other side.

  • Loretta

    How sad the way they transport animals to their deaths is almost as cruel as the way they kill them.Our gov.doesn’t care about anything but the republican party keeping its millions.

  • Ross Ferguson

    The poor chickens probably can’t run to freedom because of all the steriods they were given to get fat :( :(

  • SpeakTheTruth

    I posted this before but I put links to the companies. I suppose you can’t do that. These are easy to find. Nobody has to suffer a terrible life, terrible trip to the slaughterhouse, terrible agonizing slaughter with products like these and others like them. There are no anti cruelty laws for chickens- they don’t get the same “protection” (such as it is which isn’t good enough, at all) that other farmed animals are supposed to have. Beyond Meat is only one. There’s Gardein, Field Roast, LightLife…lots of them. Look around. Let’s stop this barbaric evil torture to beings we all know have feelings.

    • Frac Daddy

      Yes, let them run free and bread like crazy! Then when they eat every plant around us and them will die of starvation….. Sounds fun..

      • SpeakTheTruth

        fracdaddy, your reply was to me? Are you saying that they don’t get fed plants (as well as body parts of their own kind) in the factories/farms they “live” in/on? They are forcefully bred. The only reason there are so many chickens, cows, sheep, pigs etc. is because humans breed them- only to kill them. So, you’re one to say “oh, yeah, if everyone goes vegan, we won’t have any animals”. Certainly even you can understand how stupid that sounds. Or, yes, let’s let them “all go free”, LOL! How about stop breeding them awipe. btw, THESE chickens, any that did survive the brutal cold and terrible fall, will find no food.

  • George

    They were going to be slaughtered. Most chickens you eat are only 12 weeks old… They are transported in crates and in the winter typically there is a covering over the outside of the truck.

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