Truck Loses Load on Interstate, Chickens on the Loose

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NESCOPECK TOWNSHIP — Chickens are on the loose after a truck lost some of its load on the Interstate.

According to state police, crates of chickens blew off of a tractor trailer on Interstate 80 in the area of mile marker 250 in Nescopeck Township around 6:30 a.m. Thursday.

Authorities are not sure exactly how many chickens were displaced, but they said that most of the birds did not survive.

Police said traffic on the highway near Nescopeck was not affected.


  • Kassy

    If this was a transport truck of cats and dogs heading to slaughter, people would be outraged. These poor chickens are afraid – I hope they find sanctuary. Choose vegetarian!

    • My Dog Is Smarter Than You

      Well, dogs and cats probably don’t taste near as good with barbeque sauce, so no outrage. Just get ’em to the grill!

    • SpeakTheTruth

      Yes, it is cruel but in the winter, they still transport and slaughter animals everyday…all day long. They suffer tremendously all their lives. The animals that ride towards the outer sides of the truck are often referred to as “insulators”. The farmers know that they may “lose some” (meaning lose money, they really don’t care if they suffer and die, they’re paying to have them killed after all) because they often freeze to death. If the farmer is lucky, they might be “not quite dead” and then they can PEEL them, yes, literally peel them (not carefully with warm water, just rip and peel-like your tongue on a frozen pole) and get them in to be killed inside the slaughterhouse- then they still count and they’ll be paid. This happens to pigs frequently. The number of animals that are killed every single day, just in the US, is staggering-all because people choose to eat them. People do not need to eat dead bodies. MANY other choices out there. Look it up. EVERY bite of meat that you eat REALLY WAS SOMEONE.

      • John Waters

        Hi, I was a chicken. I kept little babies and moms alive when they digested me. I don’t know how SpeaktheTruth made it this far. She must’ve survived this long on IV’s.

      • SpeakTheTruth

        “JOHN WATERS
        Hi, I was a chicken. I kept little babies and moms alive when they digested me. I don’t know how SpeaktheTruth made it this far. She must’ve survived this long on IV’s.”

        You can’t really be that stupid, can you?

    • Phil K

      Humane slaughter? haha
      As opposed to the male chicks that were ground up alive after birth? Don’t pretend to care about the welfare of the animals if you are eating their decomposing corpse

      • George

        First off you are an idiot.. Male chickens are typically used for meat, they are not ground up after birth… Female chickens are more valuable as egg layers.

      • SpeakTheTruth

        George, you are the idiot and/or a liar. THIS is what happens to males in the “egg industry”. They don’t want males. They don’t raise roosters for meat. In order to watch this video, you need to say you can handle it.

      • Get Real

        Your video was shown to be a fake many years ago. It was made by the anti everything crowd. They actually ground the chicks up to make that video.
        Even if it was real, I hear liquid chick is delicious!

  • MB

    This seems to be a recurring theme. Apparently these chicken semis turn-over routinely because the drivers don’t give a squawk about their charges!

  • marlanaesquire

    On route 80, truck loses load of cargo containing chickens. Chickens cross road becoming displaced. Back at truck, driver, on road for days, knows there is a joke in here somewhere.

  • diana belfore

    well, looks like Mickey Dee’s might have a nugget shortage! Oh, wait, I forgot, they don’t use real chicken.

  • kodster

    For those of you complaining about subjecting these chickens to the cold temperatures? They’ve got feathers that keep them very warm (I know, I raise chickens here in northwest North Dakota, where it is COLD this time of year!). And in actuality, it is better to transport them at this time of year than during the hot summer months. They definitely can’t handle that and will pull their feathers out to cool off. And how else do you think the stores keep their inventory up to feed you? How do you think places like KFC & Popeye’s (as someone joked about below) keep their food, year-round? These chickens are ready for market, and they’re going to be processed for market! Come on, use common sense and face reality!

    • Dustin

      They are on the way to slaughter, I get it, however your comment is ignorant. As someone who raises chickens you should know that there feathers are not effective in a breeze let alone at freeway speeds and it causes combs, wadles and feet to suffer from frost bite. For those that want to make a difference stop supporting the industry and buy birds from a local farm.

    • SpeakTheTruth

      Chances are, their health is already greatly compromised by either being forcefully bred to be to big for their legs to support their own weight if they were not egg layers, or, if they were egg layers, they are exhausted and many won’t have enough feathers to keep themselves warm. I don’t know how long ago you “raised” chickens but your description is not accurate for today.

    • SpeakTheTruth

      I just realized you said raise, not raised. So, you are aware that very often the animals that ride towards the outer sides of the truck are often referred to as “insulators”. They will freeze to death…or as the disgusting selfish farmers hope…ALMOST to death. No matter how almost dead an animal is, if it’s still a tiny bit alive at the slaughterhouse, “it counts”. They have peeled animals (that were frozen to the trucks) off to kill them. Just peel/rip. Picture tongue frozen to a pole. IF the chickens that you cause agony to in order for you to have money and others to stuff their mouths with, have feathers, they’re a little better off than most but just a little.

  • steve taylor

    This is very callous! i know that the chickens were obviously headed to market but how cruel is it to subject them to freezing wind chills on a flatbed truck doing highway speeds on Route 80?

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