Woman Charged with Stealing Thousands of Dollars from Grandmother

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POTTSVILLE — A woman in Schuylkill County is accused of stealing more than $11,000 in social security benefits from her 99-year-old grandmother, who is diagnosed with dementia.

The state Attorney General’s office believes Kelly McAlonis, 41, of Pottsville personally drove her grandmother from the nursing home to her bank to make $1,000 withdrawals from November 2013 to June 2014.

Investigators say that grandmother has dementia and lives at a nursing home.

For many in Pottsville, this crime hits a personal note.

“We have a family member that has dementia and I just couldn’t imagine. Your heart breaks to do something like that to them. You go out of your way to help with all that you can, let alone to steal from them. I could never do that,” said Cindy McGrath of Pottsville.

Court papers show authorities were alerted to the crime in June 2014 when the nursing home contacted county services saying it received no payments for the elderly woman’s care since her admittance in November the year before.

Investigators say during that time frame, McAlonis had driven her grandmother several times to a bank to get her to make withdrawals from her social security account under the guise the money would go to paying her nursing home bills.

Instead, McAlonis allegedly kept the money herself.

“My grandfather had that and I took care of him up until they had to put him in a nursing home, but never thought doing something like to your own family. That’s crazy,” said Kim Hinkle of Brockton.

McAlonis was released on $5,000 unsecured bond. No one answered at her home on West Market Street. Some people think she should be in jail.

“It’s hard to imagine somebody being able to do that. You think of your own parents, or your own grandparents. I’d have to hurt her,” said Tammy Stewart-Haffey of Pottsville.

McAlonis was arrested on February 13 and charged with theft by deception, theft by unlawful taking, and receiving stolen property.


  • jake

    I was going to comment but it seems like all the commenters are here. You know, it’s not just this crime that’s offending. I wonder if all the commenters look inside their own lives to all their little prck moves to their fellow man on a daily basis.

    • BZ22

      And maybe these comments are reactions from those who have seen or had to deal with family members or friends who were taken advantage of by the very ones they were supposed to be able depend on and trust! If they care that deeply about their own, normally they are considerate of others!

    • calypso

      You’re absolutely right it’s what we all live for, to rip off family members at a rate of $1000 per month. Speak for yourself; “all their little prick moves to their fellow man on a daily basis,” if that’s YOUR way of life I pity the likes of you.

  • Ithink

    This lady is a sick individual. Jail is the only place for scumbags like this. The sum should be paid back in full no questions asked. Repossess her tainted possessions and throw her to the general population. What a scumbag.

  • Jason

    If this was a man that did this crime, he’d be in jail. This woman will just say that she was sexually assaulted and get away with it, just like many other women do. When will the laws change and women will get the same punishment as a man?

    • tiredoftheBS

      You may have something there about the gender bias in many criminal cases, however, I don’t get where sexual assault fits in with her ripping off her grandmother?

  • NoBigDeal

    “I’d have to hurt her,” said Tammy Stewart-Haffey of Pottsville. Really you couldn’t find anyone else to comment on this topic? That is almost as trashy as the broad who is stealing!! Violence is never a good answer. Nothing more intelligent/dignified to say. Poor display of character and a bad reflection upon the people of Pottsville, just sayin’. This woman will never serve a minute in jail. People who steal money from charity/nonprofits everyday and never spend a night in jail. Restitution Restitution Restitution, drives me crazy!! Hope loosing the respect of the family and community is enough to drive her insane.

  • BZ22

    Which failsafe story did she think she had going on? 1) Grandma wanted her to have the money. 2) She was taking care of Grandma’s affairs for her. 3) Grandma wouldn’t be believed because of age and dementia. 4) She has a drug or gambling habit so use any or all of the other three! So very, very sad!!

    • absolutetruth

      I thought that normally it’s set up that the checks for the loved one’s care are immediately dispersed to the nursing home? That’s how it worked for my mom during her last days with Alzheimer’s. Creepy when someone in your family has no conscience!

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