Life Skills Class Hosts Valentine’s Day Dance

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NANTICOKE -- It was a full-on dance party at the Greater Nanticoke Area High School. Dozens of kids spent the day enjoying a Valentine's Day dance.

"It's because I had a good time and I like to do the Cha Cha slide," Cheyenne Champan said.

"Originally last year we went to a dance in Berwick. It was a little bit like this. It was actually for a Valentines Day dance. I was thinking we don't have anything at our school that could be a part of life skills that can come together as a whole," high school junior Sarina Kinlaw said.

Sarina Kinlaw and Joanna Tushinski then took that idea and worked with the Life Skills program at Nanticoke.

The two high school juniors thought the dance would be perfect for their senior project.

"I would honestly say to any other girl or boy that wants to do a senior project try to do something like this. Because, special disabilities, it's a very important part of our community which a lot of people don't take notice of," Joanna Tushinski said.

About 200 life skills students from the Wyoming Valley attended the dance.

We even had some fun ourselves. Cheyenne Champman and I got to go into the photo booth which was a big hit.

"I had a good time and it's awesome," Chapman said.

"Just them walking in, just to hear the music, their faces were bright and big and they were so excited to just be here," Kinlaw said.

Organizers say the event was a success.

They look forward to holding another dance here in the future.