Deadly Shooting Under Investigation

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Police in Williamsport are investigating a deadly shooting.

Authorities say a 24 year old from Philadelphia was shot in the city's east end just after 10 p.m. Monday.

He was rushed to the hospital but didn't make it.

Officers said they have a man and a car they believe are involved in the shooting.


  • George V

    Racial profiling… should be allowed… and not only that… it should be mandatory! Set up troop cars at all the major roads these ghetto thugs use and when you see em… grab em. It won’t solve the problem, but might put a dent in it. It’s not hard to figure out where these low life thugs are coming from and who they are… so grab em before they get to where they are going… F… politically correct.


    Thugs, assaulters, druggies, robbers, thieves ! All the trash that came to ( Phil ) iamsport since the late 1980’s, hell Philadelphia may soon be the safest and crime free place in the USA !

    All the trash was dumped up here ! I hate Williamsport ! It is not safe it is not safe it is not safe ! These people are careless, barbaric and junked up ! Visitors beware ! Enter ( Phil ) iamsport at your own risk

    When these ghetto thugs wanna shoot they don’t care who is an innocent bystander !

  • Kyle

    I live not too far away to believe the man from Philly brought drugs up to sell to this guy and he tried burning the man from Philly by scaring him with his gun. When the guy from Philly seen the gun he rushed the man and the guy fired and killed him. Whatever the outcome may have been it definitely involved the man from Philly bringing drugs up. (My opinion)

  • Rebecca

    Considering both the shooter and the deceased are from Philadelphia, as reported on the local radio news, that might answer the “why is that place so evil place” question. The crime rates in Philly must be plummeting.


    You will never meet a person who has ever made a mistake, sinned or broken a law in any way in Williamsport, if you don’t beleave me just ask them. SO WHY IS THAT PLACE SO EVIL WITH SO FEW PEOPLE???? Williamsport is a turd!!!!

    • Troll Hunter

      It all started in the late 80’s when the halfway houses started to pop up all over the place. Blame the city and county for allowing them to get a foothold. With the halfway houses came the drug thugs from Philly. Most of these people only go to these houses to stay out of jail. Philly was happy to get rid of them. What better place for the drug trade to flourish than an area full of hardcore drug users!
      It’s too bad the citizens who opposed these houses have to suffer because of politicians who allowed it.

    • Kyle

      Republican or democrat. That has nothing to do with what a Peron does or who a person is. They are made up political organizations meant to divide Americans from slavery. Thats it

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