Puppy Found Dumped on Side of the Road

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WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP — Police in Lycoming County are looking for whoever dumped a puppy on the side of the road.

Some people might find these images disturbing.

Police said they found a nine-month-old pit bull terrier mix wrapped in a flannel shirt on Sulphur Springs Road near Elimsport on Thursday.

The dog is now being cared for at an animal shelter.

Anyone with information is asked to call police in Lycoming County.

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  • I Eat Dogs

    I’ve never seen more idiotic, nutjob, psychopathic posts than I just read. You people need more mental health treatment than the person who dropped the dog. Certifiable head cases each and every one of you.

    • ME2

      So what are you doing to help the homeless and what does one issue have to do with the other? Do you think animal abuse is any less sad and unnecessary than someone ending up homeless? BTW, animals can’t control their circumstances the way humans can. They depend on humans who aren’t required to own animals. Many homeless have families but would rather live on the streets or they are addicts and drunks whose choices put them where they are. Not everyone who is on the street, but many. Your comment is just plain stupid!

    • Janet

      Stupid comment the homeless can do something about his situation. The dog is helpless. Think before you speak.

  • Linda

    It is so sad to hear and see these stories of animal abuse they are helpless and depend on human care anyone who could do this do an animal should pay the price and maybe someday Pa. will have the guts to change the animal abuse laws to imprisonment instead of a slap on the wrist especially for repeat offenders. How can you stuff your face everyday and look at that animal and starve him and then just dump him somewhere, you took the responsibility of taking in an animal if you cant do it take him to the SPCA and let someone else enjoy taking care of him. Thank God for the police officer who is going to adopt him, thank you officer for stepping up and thank you for protecting us citizens.

  • William

    This is for the pittbull that was left on the side of the road that was terrible there is somthing really wrong with people I have three pittbulls and there the most loving dogs ever it’s not the dog people it’s the own so if your dogs mean no one to blah but yours self or if someone owned it before you

  • Lara

    Can you please also post updates on how this dog is doing after treatment! Need positive stuff to combat this horror.

    • Giovanna

      The SPCA facebook page said he is doing better than he was. He is being treated at an animal hospital. You can donate to his care through the SPCA. They named him Ollie. The officer who found him would like to adopt him so it looks like he will have a home to go to. Thank God for the officer. How people can do this to an animal is beyond me. There has to be a special place in hell for them. Prayers for Ollie and a happy long life.

  • MountainGirl

    There are no words that can describe the anger that I’m feeling right now. I live in Elimsport and travel that very road almost everyday. This is not the first time an animal has been dumped up there. That poor fur baby had to be suffering for months at the hands of his abusers and then dumped to die on that cold lonely road. I hope they catch the person that did this and punish them to the fullest extent of the law.

    • A Fur Mommy

      I live in that area also. This is how we got one of our fur babies. Someone threw her out. Her little paws were so sore and bleeding from running the road. We took her in and loved her, she had a good home. It still amazes me how people can be so cruel to something so helpless. All they want to do is love you unconditionally. We should all be so lucky to have that in our lives. I also hope they find this person and punish them to the fullest extent of the law (and then some). I would like just five minutes alone with them.

  • truthbetold

    If you can drop the dog on the side of the road, you can just as easily take him to a shelter. Maybe one day you will abandoned and hoping despite all fears that someone will rescue you. You’re a special kind of low-life.

  • Lloyd Schumcatelli

    Can the woman from Columbia County get this news article pulled like the Go-Daddy ad? I’m offended by this.

  • megan

    To whoever did this, you deserve to die. Plain and simple!!! Praying for puppy to have a speedy recovery and a happy food filled loving home!!!!

  • Jean

    That poor dog.I hope they find who did this and I hope they make them pay for what they have done,low life that they are :(

  • wendy

    Dear POS,
    You are a lowlife. I hope one day you find yourself in the same position. I hope you are tossed to the curb and left to die in the middle of winter. In negative temperatures. And you arerepeatedly KICKED AND ABUSED.. then DIE. It would be NO LOSS WHAT SO EVER to the world.

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