Strike Possible in Riverside School District

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TAYLOR — Teachers in a school district in Lackawanna County could be going on strike.

The teachers’ union has been in contract negotiations with the Riverside School District, but the school superintendent tells Newswatch 16 no other negotiation sessions are currently scheduled.

That means the teachers could strike as soon as Monday in the Riverside School District.


  • overpaid and underworked

    You will never hear a teacher say their WEEKLY SALARY, only what their YEARLY SALARY……. and this is why……Normal workers have to work 250 days a year for their YEARLY SALARY, that is 5 days a week, with Saturday and Sunday off, and a 2 week vacation. Teachers have to work 180 days a year for their YEARLY SALARY. So now we do a little math. Lets say normal worker makes 50,000 a year, divided by 250 days, comes to $200 per day. Same salary of $50,000 for a teacher, divided by 180 days, comes to $278 per day. WOW WEE WOW WOW!!!!! But they want more? They have been working for 2 years with no contract, so now what ever raise they might get, is retroactive for 2 years….. NICE LITTLE BONUS HUH.!!! And they still cry cry cry. And please, I don’t want to hear about the teacher that has to buy pencils for the students, that is such a crock. If there are no supplies in the supply closet, then put up cameras, because someone is stealing them.

    • Abolish Unions

      No one denies the importance of what they do. Educating our kids is one of the most important functions of our society. They are a link in the educational chain that includes parents. With that said, I get raises and bonuses based on my performance. Now, when the kids at Riverside are at or near the top of all of the scoring matrices then you may approach the taxpayers for more. Until then, get in the classroom and make sure the kids can read, write and do math better than any others before you start whining for more.

  • Abolish Unions

    Unions are the downfall if this country. They are the number one and only reason the USA can not compete on a global level in any category. Hope all the union power thugs are happy.

  • Franko

    Let me guess – they are striking over the usual — Waw Waw, the district wants us to pay for medical benefits and the teachers don’t think they make enough to survive …
    Here are the federal and state statistics on the riverside school district:
    35.8% or the student’s families are at or below poverty
    the average family per capita income is $18,780
    the median family income is $45,411
    According to reports for the 2013-2014 school year, the Average district teacher makes $58,137 a year
    — but they say it’s not enough and they want to be paid for their hard work
    — yet : their hard work really shows — according to the commonwealth in regards to comparisons of national averages when you compare riverside to the average:
    only 58% of students are at their grade level in math
    only 50% of students are at their grade level in science
    only 65% of students are at their grade level with reading
    Yeah, they deserve a raise – LOL

    I get so sick and tired of these people complaining that they can’t afford to pay anything into their benefits. When 99% of the working parents pay into their benefits at their jobs. The teachers live in an unrealistic world. I used to be a union guy, but I have no trouble with the concept that you may have to pay something into benefits — it’s a fact of life for all other working people. I can see if they were making $20 or $30 a year, complaining about not making enough, but you know what — even people making $8/hr have to pay something towards their company benefits, why can’t someone making $50+k a year ?

    Time to step into reality teachers — there is no free ride anymore, not in this economy.
    And better yet, if they did win and get their way and then school taxes go up as a result of the rise in pay scales, I bet they will be some of the first people at the meetings complaining about the school taxes going up !

      • My Dog Is Smarter Than You

        Jim, stop giving all of your own comments a thumbs up. Or is that what your union manager told you to do?

      • Franko

        Stubborn Unions are what’s wrong – Yes unions can be good in some areas. Union jobs generally pay more and have better benefits, but with that being said, I’ve never had an issue making what I was making, I never demanded more money because I always felt that I was being fairly compensated for the work that I had done. And regardless of what I made, union or non-union, my family and I learned to live on what we make, not go beyond it. Too many people making decent money live beyond their means and that is why they are always looking to strike for more. Learn to live on what you are making. I’m sorry but if that means that you can’t buy your kid an $8k quad this year, oh well too bad, save for it over time and stop spoiling your kids. That is what everyone else has to do in the working world. But then you have the people who rack up the credit and loans to get the expensive “toys” for their kids and expect the taxpayer, (or the consumer), to fit the bill for their overspending and not knowing how to budget and live on their paycheck.
        We’ve come to a point in this economy where the taxpayer is sick and tired of fitting the bill for other people’s greed and inability to pay their fair share into things because they live well beyond their paycheck.
        You want to fix the school system – restructure pay – If any district is doing a good job in educating the students for the future, then by all means, reward them, not necessarily in pay increases but at least in some form of bonus structure, however when a district is failing and they are pushing kids through HS like puppy mills so that the community has a generation of kids who aren’t prepared for the working world and to properly contribute to society, then by all means the entire school system, administrators included, do not deserve to be rewarded. And this goes for all school district in the commonwealth.
        Secondly, dump the creation of new pensions. Leave existing participants in the plans, but do like Pepsi add Coke and Corning and several other big union establishments have done when it comes to new workers and only have 401(K)plans, just like any other job. If the company and union wants to contribute a generous amount into them, then go ahead. But don’t dangle a reward in front of people for finishing a career of pisspoor work ethic and not giving a crap about the future of these kids.
        Yes – there are good teachers, and great teachers in some school districts, and they should be rewarded for their effort in a bonus type of program if they have the passion to teach and it reflects in how their students achieve things. But as in any job that offers things like bonuses, it would have to be performance based.
        Thirdly, have realistic caps on salaries for all positions in the district. l’m sorry but I don’t think any teacher is worth a district paying $60k to $70k a year for, and there are district out there that have teachers like that. History is history, spelling is spelling, math is math — nothing changes and I don’t think any teacher can say that they put a creative enough spin on teaching to deserve pay scales like that.

        And btw, good for you if you feel that union guys like me aren’t needed anymore. I’ve been in the 3 different unions. My Dad was a Teamster Truck Driver for 30 years and I’ve heard all the stories on how his union protected the screwups and guys prone to accidents — that type of union and members are not what’s needed. Protecting the screwups only makes work dangerous for the rest of us. Union stubbornness also brought down companies in our area, like Techniglass – when the company wanted new technology brought in to make the jump to flat screens, the unions told the worked to demand more money and contract renegotiations. They caused their plant to be shut down and jobs shifted to another union facility that was wiling to go along with the changes. Those are the people that are bad for the companies and the unions – the people who won’t budge and inch – demanding it all, expecting it all, and contributing the same or less than before into their work and into things like benefits.

    • John

      As a recent graduate of Riverside, or as we called it, Riverdale. You nailed it directly on the center of the nail. Some teachers there do really deserve it, without saying names, others don’t. They need to realize the good and bad teachers and really push them to the same levels.

  • Taxpayer Tom

    teachers can strike because they get paid regardless. Pass a “2 for 1” law for teachers who go on strike. Every day on strike equals two days without pay. See how quickly they drop their picket signs and get back into the classroom.

    • Cathy

      Hey, Tom the Town Idiot,

      Obviously you don’t know much about unions, or really anything for that matter. When a union strikes, they DO NOT get paid each day they strike. Don’t believe everything you read in the media. It is a fact that the Riverside teachers have been working WITHOUT a contract for 2 years, meaning they’ve been in negotiations for 2 years. It is also a fact that the school board, NOT the teachers’ union, declined another negotiations meeting.

      Get your facts straight BEFORE you post on a public network, Tom.

      • Who Did You Know On The School Board?

        In the real world if you strike one day you lose that day as far as compensation is concerned. In the educational world you must put in 180 days per school year so you ultimately lose nothing; i.e you get paid for the days you strike.

      • Cathy

        You are comparing apples with oranges. The “real world” that you speak of obviously conducts strikes in a different manner than in the “educational” world. Teachers get paid for the 180 days they work. Are the strike days made up eventually? Yes, and the teachers are paid for the made-up days, not the strike days.

      • Gerald

        Yes indeed “the real world conducts strikes in a different manner than the educational world”. The educational world is in a world of its own. No matter what you call it the fact remains that the net loss of a strike to teachers per day of strike is zero. In the real world each day is lost.

      • Alison

        yes…get the facts straight!!! lol…. teachers work on salary which means they DO get paid! They still have to make up the days missed at the end of the year, so, while they get a nice vacation now, they will be working well into their summer break! which hurts the kids! and thats another thing these teachers forget about… the kids!!! screw the kids…pay the teachers 60k a year with free health care…or else!!!!

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